Monday, February 7, 2011

The Secret Life of the Mature Woman

You've seen me hundreds of times. You've seen me at the grocery store You've seen me at church. You've even passed right by me as you walked down the sidewalk and you never even nodded in my direction.

At some point in the past 48 years it seems I've become invisible. It wasn't always this way. In my younger years (I hope you'll forgive my immodesty) both younger men and older men most certainly used to take notice of me. If you put a gun to my head I would have to admit that I used to enjoy the attention. You never would have guessed it at the time because it would have been most unladylike to have let you see that side of me.

Yes, you probably even saw me today, but you paid no heed. However, stop for a second and take another look. Take another look at that nondescript woman behind the bake sale table selling her homemade apple pies to raise money for her son's hockey team. My outfit is certainly nothing you would see on the pages of a fashion magazine. You may not see any gray on my head, but that's more a tribute to my hairdresser than to anything else. The only ornamentation that you see is a simple gold cross that I've worn around my neck since my Confirmation Day over 35 years earlier.

Would you believe that just yesterday afternoon this simple, plain older woman lay naked beneath a hulking, sweating black man less than half her age? That her legs were wrapped tightly around his back as he drove into her over and over? How about that her fingernails had left claw marks across his broad muscular back? I bet you would be shocked to hear this supposedly quiet and demur church mouse whimpering into his ear to "Fuck me.....Oh, God....Fuck me hard".

It had started innocently enough as a tennis lesson. My soon-to-be-lover, Mark, was my instructor as he has been for the past year and a half. He had the patience of Job as I continuously hit ball after ball into the net or sent it flying well over the end line. What he didn't know was that the previous day, while picking my son up from hockey practice, I had caught a glimpse of my ex-husband. Or, to be more exact, my ex-husband and his girlfriend!

I sank down behind the wheel of my minivan and (thank god) he didn't see me. I had seen them, though. Bill's new girlfriend looked to be in her mid to late twenties. She was tall, with long legs and long flowing blonde hair. She seemed to be hanging on his every word and you could hear her laughter clear across the parking lot.

When my son came out to the van he never noticed a thing wrong. You see, I am all but invisible to him too. That night, alone in my room, I cried into my pillow harder than I had since I was a little girl. This man that I loved and had promised to be with for the rest of my life; this man who swore that he loved me; this man to whom I had given six children had moved on from me and clearly preferred someone much younger and prettier than me.

Mark finally put an end to my lesson and suggested that we grab something to drink from the juice bar. I sheepishly agreed and felt ashamed of myself for the way I had been acting all afternoon. Mark was so sweet as he talked to me about how my tennis game was really coming along. He told me several times that he loved my form. He told me that any twenty year old would kill to have legs like mine. I laughed his comments off. After all, I never in a hundred years would believe that someone his age could ever have the slightest interest in me. I may have laughed, but deep down I would have to admit that it sure did feel good to have this young man complimenting me. During the course of our conversation Mark mentioned that he sometimes worked on computers on the side to supplement his income.

I blurted out that I was having troubles with my computer, but that I didn't know who to bring it to that I could trust. Mark quickly said that mine was his last lesson of the day and that he would be happy to come over and take a look at it. I felt really embarrassed and told him no. I felt like such a fool, like I had forced him to offer his help. Mark placed his hand over mine and , while looking straight into my eyes, said "You are so beautiful when you blush".

My heart nearly stopped when I heard his words. In all of my 48 years I had never received such a beautiful compliment. Before I could regain my senses, Mark took my hand and helped me to my feet. He said, "Come on. Let's go take a look at it together." Then he added with a chuckle "It'll only cost you a home cooked meal".

Still in a bit of a stupor, I could only nod my head and tried to smile. Mark held my hand and led me through the country club and out towards my trusty minivan. I was deeply self conscious of the sight we must be. This little mature woman being led by the hand by this tall, very handsome black man twenty-five years her junior!

As we climbed into the van I was determined to put a stop to this. As I turned my head to say something, Mark beat me to the punch by saying "It sure is so nice of you to let me come with you. I couldn't bear the thought of another night of frozen dinners all by myself". What could I do? I only smiled and told him that the pleasure was all mine.

Mark kept up a light conversation during the entire trip to my home. I have to admit that it was a bit difficult to drive because I could swear that I could feel Mark's eyes sneaking glances down at my legs. My suspicions proved to be correct when I caught a glimpse of him as we waited at an intersection. My short white tennis dress did not afford me much modesty and I could never say anything to him about it for fear that I might hurt his feelings.

When we arrived at my house Mark was very enthusiastic in expressing his approval of the way I had furnished it. No matter how hard I had worked to make the house look presentable, Bill would never so much as mummer one complimentary thing. Mark paused to look at some pictures of my children that I had displayed. Again, he enthusiastically gushed over how good looking they were and told me that I must have done a great job in raising them. I was flushed with pride. If there is one thing in this world that I am proud of, it is my children. Mark turned to look at me and said "It's no surprise to me where they get their good looks from".

Time stood still.....His gorgeous brown eyes never left mine......I prayed that he could not hear the pounding of my heart in my chest.....It seemed as if entire civilizations rose and fell....I clearly remember hearing the ticking of the grandfather clock in the corner....somewhere deep down was the memory of seeing my ex yesterday and the hurt that I was afraid would never heal....

Slowly....Gracefully....Mark started to walk towards me. "Sandra, you have no idea how special it makes me feel to have such a beautiful woman as you welcome me into her home". My eyes followed his movements carefully as he came around the sofa, circling around behind me. As I lost sight of him, I could still hear his soft voice telling me, "You have the most beautiful heart of anyone I have ever met. I feel so lucky that you have let me be your friend".

I gave a small jump as I felt his young hands take a hold of my shoulders. Nothing in my entire life had ever prepared me for what I was now experiencing. I felt a tremble run through me as I felt his hot whisper against my ear as he finished his statement. A small whimper escaped my lips as I felt the first touch of his soft lips against the side of my very sensitive neck. I involuntarily tilted my head to the side as he stood behind me....holding my shoulders in his strong dark hands. I could hear his breathing getting heavier as he delicately caressed my smooth skin with his lips and tongue. A scream was forming in my mind. Not a scream of terror or outrage, but a scream of ecstasy!

Mark removed his hands from my shoulders and he placed them on my hips. As he did this, I reached my left arm up to his head to tenderly hold his lips to my neck. I moved as if my body had taken complete control from my conscious mind. After a moment or two, Mark removed his hands from my hips, but his wonderful lips never stopped working their magic as he hungrily feasted on the exposed area of my neck. I missed the feel of his hands almost immediately. I felt as though my legs had become so weak that I might collapse right there before him. I was semi-aware of Mark making some kind of movements behind me. However, my mind was clouded as his lips fastened on my ear lobe and he delicately sucked upon it. In the next moment it became very apparent what Mark had been doing with those mysterious movements.

As he once again placed his hands at my waist and he leaned in against me from behind I felt the unmistakable pressure of his manhood pressing against my bottom through the material of my tennis dress. In that brief moment, Mark had slid out of his sneakers and pushed his tennis shorts to the floor! In my mind I was screaming "Oh my God!!" Before I could completely freak out, Mark whispered in my ear "Sandra, you are so beautiful. I have wanted you for so long".

When was the last time any man had ever uttered those words to me? Had any man? Ever?

Mark removed his hands from my hips again. This time I was quite aware of what he was doing. He removed his t-shirt in one quick fluid motion, then wrapped his muscular arms around me....pulling me back against his young hard chest. I didn't resist at all as his lips once again played their magic on my sensitive neck. My mind was spinning at the thought there here I was.....a 48 year old, church going, PTA supporting divorced hockey mom...with a naked 25 year old black broad daylight....writhing like a wild animal in the living room of my own home!

Mark was more aggressive this time with his arms around me. His large dark hands explored the front of my white tennis dress....finally moving up to cup my breasts and eliciting a loud moan from my lips. I glanced down to see his dark hands touching me intimately and I felt as if I must be watching someone else....perhaps in a movie. Nothing like this could ever happen in my dull, predictable life. My body responded to his touch by arching my back...simultaneously pressing my breasts more fully into his hands and my bottom more snugly against his engorged manhood.

Just when I thought that I couldn't possibly take one more moment of this, Mark's right hand began to journey down my body. I was moaning almost constantly now as his hand descended past my ribcage.....down over my stomach.....reaching up under my short tennis dress......finally closing around my soaked and aching mound. It wasn't until his fingers actually touched me there that I was even aware of just how wet I had become!

I heard Mark once again panting into my ear "Sandra....You feel so good....I want to make love to you so bad!" I could only manage a mumbled "Yes, Mark......take me". With that, I felt his left hand move from my breast to join his right hand in sliding down my panties. How wicked I felt as I stood there and let this young black man remove the last barrier protecting my modesty. I had one moment of panic as I struggled to step out of my panties. Not an easy task when one still has her sneakers on. Finally, I was free of the garment and Mark easily turned me around to face him.

His eyes never left mine as he slightly stooped and placed both of his strong hands under my bottom. With barely an once of strain, Mark easily lifted me off of the ground. My arms and legs instinctively wrapped around him for support and our lips came together hungrily. I felt his big tongue enter my mouth and I eagerly allowed mine to tangle and wrestle with his. He was in no hurry.....letting our kiss build and build. Prolonging the excitement as our lips ground against each others igniting the fires even more. I had never been made love to in this position, but I felt so safe and secure in his strong arms.

Slowly....excruciatingly.....he lowered me until I felt the head of his hardness touch my sensitive outer lips. He didn't stop there. He let my body's weight slowly settle on his dark knob. I moaned loudly against his lips as I felt him enter me. My passage was by now so moist that he easily moved deeper and deeper into me. As our pubes came into contact I had my first orgasm. My arms and legs tightened around him as the universe seemed to explode in my mind. Mark held me easily in his arms and kept murmuring "Sandra...My beautiful.....Oh, Sandra".

Just as I was beginning to regain my senses, Mark started to lift me and thrust back inside me. I swear I could feel every millimeter of his manhood as he moved in and out of me. Lifting me again and again and driving me from orgasm to another. Under my hands, which were wrapped around his shoulders, I could feel his muscles working. He felt so powerful. There was nothing I wouldn't do for this man....this incredible man that was making me feel things that I never knew even existed.

What a sight we must have made! This 48 year old former wallflower with her white tennis dress hiked up around her hips, her white sneaker covered feet bouncing in rhythm with the thrusting of her much younger, much darker lover. I lost all tack of time. I was lost as one orgasm after another crashed over me. Suddenly I felt my lover's movements change. His thrusts became more forceful. His grip on my bottom tightened. His muscles seemed to strain even harder. I whimpered in his ear, "Yes, Mark.....Cum inside me".

With that, I felt him give one long last thrust and his seed erupted inside me. His orgasm seemed to go on and on. More and more of his hot seed shot into my womb. I clenched and unclenched my inner muscles around his thickness. Trying with all my heart to return a portion of the pleasure that he had shown me. I writhed and twisted against him. My breasts pressing against his hard dark chest through my tennis dress, praying in my heart "Please, God....Please don't let this moment end";

Our lips found one another's once again. This time our kiss was much different. Gone was the hungriness and the urgency of our earlier kiss. This time we kissed with tenderness......showing each other what truly lay in our hearts. It was a kiss like no other I have ever experienced and the one by which all others would forever be measured.

Finally, Mark carried back around to the front of the sofa and laid me gently down on it. I smiled as I saw him struggle to stand upright once again. As he stretched and twisted before me I let my eyes take in the sight of this incredible young man. Sweat rolled down his chiseled dark body. ...His broad muscled chest......his flat stomach (not an once of fat on him!) ....his heavily muscled thighs.....and yes, his by now deflated (but by no means less impressive) manhood. Mark stood there patiently as he let me drink him in with my eyes. I could easily see our combined juices coating his dark member and it will be forever burned into my memory. Later, Mark took me by the hand and led me up to my bedroom....the same room that I had shared for over 20 years with my ex-husband . However, the things that Mark did to me and made me feel over the course of the next three hours were things that I had never even believed were possible to experience when I had been married.

So, the next time you pass me in the street, or see me in the grocery store, or sitting in a pew a few rows ahead of you in church, or even behind my bake sale table selling my homemade apple pies and your eyes are about to skip right over me, just remember - You don't really have any idea of who I am deep down inside and what you may be passing up if you don't take a moment to at least give me a smile.

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