Monday, February 7, 2011

My Cute Nieces Ch. 02

For the background to this story, see Chapter 1, which should say "Part 1".

* * * * *

The day after showing one cute niece, Loren, the pleasures of having her pussy eaten, I was on my way to the same bed in the same house to do the same for Gloria, my other cute niece. From my conversation with Loren the previous day, I had the idea that Gloria also wanted to find out what it felt like to get a cock in her ass, but I didn't want to take that too much for granted. I believed that Gloria would want to experience having me eat her pussy because Loren would have told her about how good it is but I would have to wait and see about anything else after that. I believe in being prepared, though, and I am usually optimistic, so I had brought condoms, a wet towel and a new tube of Aquaglide with me. I intended to find out what Gloria wanted to do, and do it with her.

As I approached the front door of the house, Gloria opened an upstairs window and called out "I'll be right down Tito." She was in the same room as Loren and I had used.

After Gloria had let me in and locked the door, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed each other fully on the lips. Gloria has large breasts and I could tell she was not wearing anything under her T-shirt. Although we both kept our mouths shut, the kiss was definitely not the kind an uncle usually shares with his niece, nor was the second kiss, nor the third. Whatever else happened that day, I was reasonably sure, and very happily so, that these were not the last lips of Gloria's that would be touching my mouth and that my cock would spend a good part of the day in a very pleasant place.

"Come on up to Loren's bedroom," Gloria urged, pulling me by the hand. Once I was sitting on the bed in the coolest room in the house, she let me take hold of the bottom hem of her T-shirt and pull it off. Her nipples are about the same size as Loren's, and the same lovely dark brown, but Gloria's warm tan breasts are much larger. From the way they had felt against my chest, I knew them to be firm and enticing and I wanted to get my hands and my mouth on them. Before I did anything else, though, I removed my shirt.

"Are you going to do the same thing for me as you did for Loren? She said it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to her. I hope you do, Tito, because I could hardly sleep last night thinking about it."

"Yes, I will, at least the first thing I did with her, I told her, resting my hands on Gloria's shapely hips. She told me there was something else you wanted to find out about, though. Is that right?"

My nieces are even cuter when they blush and Gloria was blushing then, hiding her face when I asked her that. "Tito, I talked to Loren about that and I do want to find out but I am too embarrassed to ask you or even talk about it. I hope you don't think I'm bad."

"No, Gloria. I think you are really sweet and beautiful. And Loren is too. When the time comes, I will just do it and we won't talk about it before that. Now, lie down on the bed here, and I will do the same thing for you as I did for Loren. I call it eating your pussy and I hope you like it as much as she did. I really liked eating Loren's pussy and I'm sure I'll like yours just as much."

Gloria lay on her back and looked at me with her dark and trusting eyes. "Loren said that you will do some other things before you lick my pekpek and they will be a lot of fun too. Is that right?"

"Yes, I will, and they will be a lot of fun and make it even better when I lick your pekpek. Let's not talk about Loren now. You can tell her about it when she comes back from the library. Just relax, and tell me if you like what I'm doing. I really like to hear you tell me if you are enjoying it." The first thing I did was to cup one of Gloria's lovely breasts in my hand and start licking the nipple, which quickly became erect. After several strokes with my tongue, my niece expressed her pleasure.

"That feels good, Tito. It feels better every time you lick me there."

"I'm glad because it feels really good to me to." I turned my attentions to her other beautiful breast and my tongue caressed her there. Back and forth I switched from one succulent mound to the other, with Gloria moving on the bed, thrusting toward me, as if she were trying to get me to lick harder on her breasts or suck on them.

Sucking on them seemed like a good idea so I pulled one of the luscious globes into my mouth and continued licking her nipple while sucking on the flesh. Once again, I switched my attentions back and forth between the beautiful twins. "Oh, Tito, that keeps getting better and better. I really love that and I hope you don't stop."

"I like it too, Gloria. But I will have to stop when I start doing something even better." That time would come very soon and I was really looking forward to it. I looked toward her pussy and I could see her squirming and smell the first, delectable aroma of the juices welling up from Gloria's love hole. After another minute of sucking on her luscious breasts, it was time to taste her juices. I expected their flavor to be even more delightful than their fragrance.

As I kissed and sucked and licked my way down Gloria's soft brown belly, my hands were unfastening her belt and pants. By the time I reached them, they were ready to remove so I got off the bed and got back on between her legs. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her blue jeans and, after she raised her ass from the bed, pulled them all the way down and off. Gloria was wearing just a pair of skimpy, white panties and the crotch was so soaked with her pussy juice that I could see her pubic hair through the fabric. Although the panties smelled delightfully of Gloria's adorable pussy, I pulled them off and tossed them aside. My cute niece was completely naked and looking shyly at me to see what I would do.

The first thing I did was to kneel between her legs with the towel and tube of Aquaglide ready and tell her what to do. "Lift yourself off the bed and let me slip this pillow under you. Okay, now raise your legs and drape them across my shoulders. After Gloria had finished following my instructions, I curled my arms around her thighs so my fingers were in her pubic hair and my face was inches from her wet, fragrant pussy. Both Gloria and her cousin are strong believers in cleanliness and neither cares much for perfume or other artificial scents so Gloria's pussy smelled exactly as it should have, like a sexually aroused young woman. This aroma may be the most wonderful in the world.

The pussy of a sexy young woman may also be the most beautiful sight in the world and Gloria's is one of the most beautiful of all. Being Philippina, her pubic hair is black and being as young as she is, just 18, the hair is rather sparse. The skin around her pussy is a lovely light brown and her pussy lips, when she is as aroused as Gloria was then, is a dark reddish brown. The inside of her vagina is a beautiful pink and when it is as wet as it was on that day, a beautiful shiny pink. The drops of fresh juice, besides having a delightful aroma, added to the beauty of her pussy.

Slowly and very gently, I licked those juices from her crotch, thighs and pussy lips, getting a very positive response. "Oh! Oh! That feels wonderful! Tito, what are you doing?" That was a rhetoric question. I could have told Gloria that I was starting to eat her pussy but she already knew it so I didn't bother.

After I had licked all the fresh juices from Gloria, I made what she might have considered a strange request. "Reach under yourself and hold onto your puwet." As I requested, she reached under herself and held onto her ass cheeks. I moved her hands to what would be the best position. "Okay, now spread yourself open."

I covered the middle finger on my right hand with the Aquaglide and put it at the entrance to Gloria's virgin ass. She giggled when she felt my finger but kept holding her ass cheeks open. Very gently, I inserted the tip of my finger into her, waiting to see if there would be any negative response. When there was none, I slowly pushed my finger into her ass, all the way to the knuckle, twisting it back and forth to be sure there was no loose skin caught. "How does that feel?" I asked her. "Does it hurt?" I started slowly fucking my finger in and out of my niece's beautiful ass.

"No Tito, it doesn't hurt at all. It felt funny when you first put your finger in but now it feels good. Will your titi feel like that?"

Gloria now had an idea of what my cock would feel like in her ass. "My titi is a lot bigger but it will feel good too, even better. You will be more relaxed before I put my titi in your puwet." When I looked up, between her breasts, at Gloria's cute face, she was smiling and blushing.

As I continued to slowly fuck my finger in and out of Gloria's ass, I licked between an inner and outer pussy lip where they started, just below her wet love hole. The young, soft flesh felt really great on my tongue and I licked to the point where the lips are close together. "That feels really good," Gloria told me. "I like the way your finger feels, too."

I didn't say anything but continued licking both sides of her outer lip and one side of her inner lip. The other side of her inner lip would come later because I wanted to build up Gloria's pleasure by starting with the less sensitive areas of her pussy and continuing until I was licking where she is the most sensitive. By the time my tongue had traveled to the place where her inner lips end by merging and forming her clit hood, my niece was already fucking her pussy into my face and cooing delightedly. "Loren was right, Tito. That feels really good and she said it would get better."

It had gotten better for Loren and it got better for Gloria too. After I finished licking her outer lip all the way to the end I brought my tongue back and gently caressed the top of her clit hood, indirectly stimulating the precious love button hidden underneath. Gloria's pussy fucked harder into my face and her cooing got louder. I felt fresh juices spurting out onto my chin and my cute niece was writhing on the bed from the pleasure she was getting. Gloria was really enjoying what we were doing and she is so sweet and her pussy so delightful that I was getting as much pleasure from eating her pussy as she was from having it eaten.

The level of the pleasure continued to rise for both of us. I kept slowly fucking her ass with my finger while my tongue did the same thing for her other pair of pussy lips as it had done for the first pair. When I reached the end of the outer lip, Gloria was already moaning from the intense pleasure she was receiving and her pussy was fucking harder than ever into my face. This time, after my tongue had caressed her clit hood, I curled it under and gently fondled her engorged love toy that was hiding underneath. "Oh!" Gloria cried out. "That feels so good, what you are doing. I've never felt anything like that. Your finger feels wonderful too. Oh, please don't stop."

My finger didn't stop and I continued thrusting it slowly in and out of Gloria's ass but I did stop, for a while, licking her clit. The next place for my tongue was at the bottom rim of her precious love hole, probing in the edge and tasting her delicious juices as they spewed out. By this time, Gloria's hips had started to swivel, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders while her pussy fucked stronger than ever into my face. She was writhing ecstatically on the bed and I knew it was getting closer to the time for her to cum. With my tongue, I started to explore the side edges of the dripping hole and probed under her inner pussy lips.

From the pleasure she was feeling, Gloria cried out, "Oh, this is the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. What are you doing to me? It's getting better."

What I was doing just then, besides fucking her ass with my finger, was massaging the top edge of her pink love hole with my tongue, probing inside and stimulating her clit. Her thighs had rotated out, presenting her pussy fully to me and Gloria was fucking her pussy into my face harder than ever. She was moaning and sobbing and thrashing on the bed and I knew it was time for her to cum.

Gloria's precious clit was dark red and so swollen from the pleasure she had been receiving that it had crowded almost all the way out from under its protective cover. I moved the hood out of my way with my tongue and drew her love toy into my mouth and licked it while sucking on her clit. My lips formed a seal around the base and I sucked and licked while Gloria went almost berserk under me, thrashing on the bed and fucking into my face so strongly that her ass was lifting off the bed. I decided she was far enough along that I could take my finger out of her ass and use both arms to hold onto her thighs when she started cumming.

She announced she was coming by yelling something in Tagalog and by squeezing my head with her thighs. Her hands and forearms pounded on the bed while her legs, holding tightly to my head, swung rapidly back and forth. For as long as Gloria was cumming, her pussy slammed into my face and she babbled, "It's so good; it's so good," interspersed with words in Tagalog, probably saying the same thing in two different languages. I kept holding onto her thighs while my mouth continued sucking and licking on her clit.

When Gloria climaxed, there was a sudden jerk of her whole body, jamming her pussy into my face one last time. After her orgasm, my niece totally relaxed on the bed with her legs still resting on my shoulders, her eyes closed and a big smile on her cute face. Eagerly, I licked all the delicious juices from her pussy lips, her crotch and her thighs, even inserting my tongue into her love hole to get all the nectar I could. I expected to fuck her ass so they wouldn't be needed for lubrication and I hate to waste something as delicious as Gloria's fresh pussy juices.

After I had devoured them all, I crept out from under her legs and went to where I had left the condoms. After removing my pants and underwear, getting as naked as Gloria, I put a condom on and went back to where my niece was waiting. Her eyes were open and her smile grew even bigger when she saw my stiff cock.

"That was the most amazingly wonderful feeling I've ever had, Tito. Loren said she couldn't describe what it would feel like just that it would be wonderful, more wonderful than I could believe, and she was right. She said you called it cumming or having a climax. Is that what happened to me."

"Yes, it is called cumming and that's what you did and what Loren did yesterday. It's also called having a climax.

"What do you want me to do now?"

"If you're ready, get on your hands and knees with the pillows under your waist. That's good. Now, reach your hands back and take hold of the sides of your puwet."

"Like this?" Gloria asked as she did what I told her to do. She had partly turned her face toward me and I saw her cheek blushing.

"That's good. Just hold yourself like that." I opened the tube of Aquaglide. Before coming over, I had broken the seal on the tube so I wouldn't have to fumble with it when the time came to use it. After opening Gloria's ass with my fingers, I put the nozzle into her and squeezed in some lubricant.

Gloria giggled at the odd sensation and asked, "Will this hurt, Tito? Your titi looked too big to go into there."

"It's not too big," I told her as I put my finger into her ass and covered the sides and around the edges of the hole. There was already some in her from my finger but I knew that more would be needed. "It will hurt at first, but just a little. After that, it should feel really good. If you feel a sharp pain, like sticking a needle into yourself, it means something is wrong so let me know, and I will stop." I squeezed another big dollop onto my hand and covered my cock with the lubricant.

I reached my fingers into my niece's ass and spread her open again, enough that I could hold her open with the fingers of one hand. With the other hand, I guided my cock so the tip was right at the entrance to her ass. "Here it comes, Gloria. Let me know if it hurts." The tip of my cock slipped easily into her waiting ass.

"Ohhhh," Gloria murmured and I stopped.

"Did that hurt?"

"No. It feels funny though. Good but funny. Better than your finger."

Still holding Gloria's ass open with my fingers, I slipped an inch of my cock into her.

"Ohhhh," she murmured again. "Don't stop. That feels really good. At first, it hurt, just a little, but now it feels really good. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, Tito."

I hoped it would be a lot of fun for both of us and I slowly thrust another inch of my cock into Gloria's ass, producing the same response of pleasure. After a series of firm but gentle pushes, my cock was imbedded all the way in my cute niece's ass and she was cooing her enjoyment of it. For a few seconds, I left my cock there while I wiped off the excess Aquaglide from my hands.

With my hands on her lovely hips, I prepared to start fucking Gloria's ass. "How do you like it so far? Are you ready because I'm going to start?"

"Ohhh, Tito, it feels so good, like nothing I've ever felt before. It doesn't hurt at all just feels really good. Yes, go ahead and start."

Slowly, I drew my cock almost out of my niece's ass and, equally slowly, I drove it all the way back in. "Oooooo," she sighed. "That feels wonderful!"

Always slowly and gently, wanting to give as much pleasure to both of us as possible, I stroked my cock in and out of Gloria's ass. With every stroke, she told me how good it felt and when she wasn't telling me in words, her cooing told me how much she liked what we were doing, and how much pleasure she was getting. "It's even better when you move your puwet back to meet me, Gloria. I'll show you how." On the next stroke into her ass, I guided her back to meet me, using my hands on her hips.

"Oh, Tito, that really is even better. I didn't think it could be but it is. I've never felt anything so wonderful." After that, on every stroke into her ass, my niece fucked back to meet me, cooing her pleasure as my cock slid into her. Besides the sounds, her body was squirming in front of me from the pleasure she was feeling, and that was building up, and would continue building up. She would climax, eventually, and so would I but I wanted to take a long time so we would both get the maximum enjoyment from our fucking.

After many slow, deep strokes of my cock into Gloria's ass, her cooing was turning to moaning as her pleasure mounted and the movements of her upper body in front of me had evolved to writhing from squirming. A new movement, apparently involuntary, had begun; she was swiveling her hips as she had when was eating her pussy. Combined with fucking her ass back to meet my strokes, the swiveling made Gloria's ass twist back and forth on my cock, giving both of us a new and delightful sensation. I could feel my own climax building and I was sure that my niece was close to cumming too.

"How do you feel, Gloria? Are you close to cumming?"

"Every time you put your titi in me it feels better than the last time. I don't know how but it does. I can feel something building in me, getting bigger and bigger. I feel like I did just before cumming before but even bigger. Am I going to cum again?"

"Yes, and probably soon. I'm going to start fucking faster. Just keep pushing your puwet back to meet me like you have been doing."

Gloria's ass was very tight and squeezed my cock delightfully but the Aquaglide had turned to liquid and provided excellent lubrication so my cock slid easily in and out. I slowly increased the speed of my strokes and my hands on my nieces hips guided her as she fucked back to meet me. Soon, I knew, from the way Gloria was thrashing in front of me and moaning and sobbing, it would be time for her to cum. That would be the time I would reach around and start to caress her clit.

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