Monday, February 7, 2011

The Philippine Waitress

My wife, who is from the Philippines, and I were on a trip where she was trying to clear up the titles on property left to her and her siblings. While she was working all day, I had time to fool around. For background on this story, you can read the "My Cute Nieces" series all of which are in the incest section.

After some great carnal sessions together, my cute nieces had to face final exams so it would be another week before I could see them again for more of the wonderful love-making we had all enjoyed so much. This was not any great hardship because my wife and I slept together every night but she was usually too tired from working all day to want to do anything but sleep, and I like a lot of variety anyhow.

One evening I was sure I had found some. We both wanted a change from the food in our hotel dining room so we went to a small restaurant just down the block. When we entered, I immediately noticed the gorgeous young waitress, who was wearing a dress with a low neckline. She had shiny black hair that tumbled to her shoulders and smooth, light brown skin. Except for the fact that I knew a woman would have to be at least 18 years old to work as a waitress in a restaurant like this one, I would have guessed her to be younger than that. When she smiled as we came in, she looked even more beautiful.

My wife sat across the table from me, and the waitress was extremely attentive, bending down lower and more often than she had to, showing me her delightful cleavage. When she attended to me, she hardly bent over at all, except to press against my shoulder. She was wearing either a very skimpy bra or none at all because I could feel her erect nipple through her blouse. I don't remember much about the food or about our dinner conversation because my thoughts were mostly lustful ones about her, and I left a much bigger tip than I would have ever dared mention to my wife.

The next day, as soon as my wife left for another day of battling with government bureaucracies, I returned to the restaurant and was lucky enough to find the same waitress there. They weren't very busy that time of the morning and when she saw me by myself, I was greeted by an even prettier smile. She steered me to a corner booth partly concealed by a large potted plant and, when I sat down, slid in next to me and put her hands on my thigh. Her face was close to mine and I was captivated by her dark, almond-shaped eyes and her clear tan skin.

"Hi," she said in a soft voice, just above a whisper.

"Hi, Rosie," I whispered back. I had noted her name on the guest check the previous night and she smiled even more, flattered that I had thought enough of her to remember her name. "How are you today?"

"I'm fine. You know my name, but what's yours?" As she asked my name, Rosie's right hand was on the inside of my thigh and moving slowly upward toward my crotch. Under the circumstances, I decided that formality would be totally out of place.

"Just call me George."

Hi, George. I'm glad to meet you." Her hand was right at my crotch.

"I'm glad to meet you too, Rosie." That was certainly the truth and I spread my legs to allow her exploring hand the freedom to go where it wanted. She rested it on top of my cock, which was starting to react the way it usually does when fondled by beautiful and sexy young women.

"You're really nice, George." Feeling my cock stiffening under the palm of her hand, Rosie started gently squeezing and releasing it. What she had in mind was obvious; at least the general idea was, but we couldn't do much more than we were already doing. The potted plant screened us partially from the rest of the dining room, but certainly not enough for us to start fucking right then and there.

That was obvious to Rosie too, and she had the solution. "Today is supposed to be my day off but I came in because I hoped you would come back to see me. I have a room across from the back door. Do you want to go there with me?"

"Yes. Do you, know, you are a really beautiful girl?"

"Thanks. It's sweet of you to say that."

Rosie slid out from the seat. I slid out behind her and followed her, with some difficulty walking, as she started toward the rear of the restaurant. The other employees watched us with amused smiles on their faces. The few patrons there didn't even notice us.

She led me out the kitchen door, and into a narrow alley, through another door and up a flight of stairs. At the end of a short hall there were four doors. Rosie unlocked one of them, opened it and reached in to turn on the light. After leading me into a small room dominated by a double bed, she locked the door, especially making a point of throwing the slide bolt. Turning around to face me, she reached out to again fondle my cock, smiling lasciviously when she found it still erect.

"George," she asked me, putting one hand on my shoulder while the other was unzipping my pants. "I want to ask you a question about American men." When I nodded my head, she continued. "I have heard from some friends that they all like to lick between a girl's legs. Is that true?"

"I can't answer for all American men but I certainly do. Especially a girl as sexy as you."

Rosie seemed very glad to hear that, and her hand was inside my underwear playing with my bare cock. "Do you really mean that? Because I would love to find out how it feels. One of my friends told me it was really wonderful but I want to find out for myself."

"Well, Rosie, I sure want you to find out, and I would really love to be the one who shows you. Let's go to that bed over there and I will prove to you that your friend was right. I call it eating your pussy or eating your pekpek, and I know you'll find out it's really great, maybe even better than what your friend told you."

Rosie smiled at my use of the Tagalog word for pussy and led me over to the bed. As we stood beside it, I started to unbutton her blouse. It was not the one she had worn the previous night but it showed just as much cleavage and it was just as attractive.

"Do we have to take off all our clothes to do it?"

"We don't have to but it's more fun if we do. I'll get naked too if you want."

"Yes, I do want you to. What should I do while you are eating my pussy?" She smiled again, this time from using the word in my language.

"Just enjoy yourself. Really let yourself go. After you cum, though, I want to fuck, unless you want to do something else."

"No. Fucking is fine. I think I will want to fuck you too."

While we were still standing, I finished removing her blouse, followed by unhooking and pulling off her inexpensive bra. Rosie's breasts were light brown and not very large, which is the norm for young Philippine women. Though small, they were perfectly formed and topped by dark brown nipples that seemed too big for the rest of her breasts. She was more than a foot shorter than I am, less than five feet tall, and I had to bend over to kiss and lick her nipples. It was easily worth the trouble because they were even more of a treat to my mouth than they had been to my eyes. When my tongue caressed the first one, I felt it was starting to become erect, and I reveled in the many tiny ridges that would, I knew, be fully erect by the time I was finished making love to her breasts.

Rosie was also wearing a short red skirt and I unbuttoned and unzipped it and pulled it down to a pool of cloth on the floor. While I removed the garment, my hands caressed her ass and hips, appreciating her soft, smooth skin. She stepped out of it and scuffed off her shoes. Except for tight pink panties, she was naked, because she hadn't been wearing stockings. Her youthful body was truly a thing of beauty, with her breasts and her curvaceous ass. Best of all, she was not at all embarrassed as I gazed on her loveliness.

"I'll take off your panties later. Lie down on your back and I'll join you after I undress."

Rosie pulled the thin blanket all the way off the bed so we would be lying on just the sheet. She lay on her back, a pillow under her head, waiting for me. I decided to remove all my clothing right away and was naked when I joined her and started kissing her lips.

"All my boyfriends like to do this," she told me, smiling and kissing me back.

"That's good. You are a really beautiful and sexy girl and any man would want to kiss you and do a lot more."

She smiled at what might have sounded like flattery but was completely sincere. I proved this by kissing her more, on her lips and her eyes and all over her pretty face. Rosie sighed happily as my lips meandered down her soft throat and I cupped a hand under one of her lovely breasts.

"You have some of the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen, Rosie," I told her as I resumed licking the nipple.

"I'm glad to hear you say that. You don't think they're too small?"

"Not at all. Your nipples are big and sensitive and that's more important than how big your tits are." Rosie smiled at my assurances and nestled her head in the pillow while I continued paying homage to her perfect breasts.

For several minutes I licked her nipples, alternating between broad strokes of my tongue and short jabs with just the tip. I switched my hand and mouth back and forth between the gorgeous twins, feeling both sweet brown nubbins grow more erect against my tongue. Rosie was showing her arousal in other ways too, squirming on the bed and cooing in pleasure from what my mouth was doing for her.

The movements of her upper body became more pronounced and she thrust one of her lovely breasts into my face. I drew it into my mouth, elated at the soft, smooth skin and the firm flesh beneath. My lips formed a seal on that delightful skin and I sucked gently, while my tongue continued to fondle her nipple and areola. Rosie's cooing grew louder and she whispered her joy into my ear.

"That feels wonderful, George, what you're doing there. Most boys don't bother with it." I couldn't help but feel sorry for most boys who, out of ignorance or laziness, would pass up a chance to spend long periods of time licking and sucking such wonderful breasts as Rosie's.

I certainly wasn't that lazy or ignorant. For a long time, I suckled on her, switching my attentions from one of the lovely twins to the other and back again. Rosie's arousal grew and she was writhing on the bed and moaning from the pleasure. I looked toward her crotch and I saw and smelled a patch of wetness growing. Although we were both immensely enjoying what my mouth was doing for Rosie's breasts, I knew we would both get even more pleasure when I was doing the same thing for her pussy.

My lips remained just as active, as I kissed and licked my way down her smooth brown belly, stopping briefly to swirl my tongue into her navel. Rosie giggled and I continued down her body until I reached the waistband of her panties and kissed her everywhere from one hip to the other. The aroma of her pussy was even more delightful from up close, and I slipped my fingers into the waistband and pushed down on the panties. Rosie was eager for me to continue and she raised her ass from the bed so I could slip them all the way down and off. As I nuzzled my way to her pubic hair, she expressed a completely unjustified lack of confidence.

"Do I smell okay there? One of my boyfriends said I should use perfume."

I breathed deeply of her delectable aroma before answering. "That guy is crazy in the head. Your own natural smell, what I'm smelling now, is the greatest thing in the world. Perfume would just spoil it." She was glad to hear that, and luxuriated her head in the pillow while I continued licking her soft skin.

Although I hated to interrupt myself, I knew it would be much more fun for both of us after I got into a different position. Quickly, I stepped off the bed, picked up the second pillow and got back on at the foot to approach the vee formed by Rosie's legs. She felt the bed shaking and opened her eyes to see me, between her legs and leaning over, ready to start what we both wanted me to do.

"Raise your legs and spread them," I told her.

When she did, I ducked under them so they rested on my shoulder. I started to slide the pillow under her ass and she divined my intent and raised herself to help me. With the pillow in place, her marvelous pussy was at the perfect height for me to start eating it. I wrapped my arms around her lovely brown thighs so my hands met in her pubic hair, and leaned forward so my face was inches above her pussy, where I breathed deeply of the incredible aroma.

Mentally, I cursed the idiot who would even suggest destroying the fragrance of Rosie's delightful pussy. Besides loving her scent, I gazed, almost enraptured, at the beauty before me. Her skin was a wonderful soft brown and led to her sparse black pubic hair. Apparently, she doesn't shave or even trim it, which is probably for the best, because it made her pussy even more beautiful. When I caressed her hair with my tongue, it was soft as a feather and felt almost as good to my tongue as her smooth skin.

The downy, black hair framed Rosie's slit; her inner lips were dark red and so engorged from her arousal they had blossomed through. At the apex of those lips I could se her adorable clit, which was also swollen, so much that it was starting to push its way out of its protective covering. Very gently, I used my fingers and pulled apart the inner lips to look into the greatest prize, the pink hole that was the source of the incredible juices that were so pleasing to my sense of smell. Leaning even closer, I licked some of it off the lower edge of that hole. It was delicious! Greedily, I devoured everything that was available, from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips.

Rosie loved the feel of my tongue on those very private and sensitive places, and her pussy started squirming under me. I glanced up, and saw her whole body moving, while her head tossed back and forth. The smile on her face probably would have matched my own, for I was enjoying myself as much as she was. Her youthful pussy was incredibly beautiful, and its aroma and taste were among the best I have ever known. I very much enjoyed hearing her moans of pleasure too. Although eating Rosie's pussy was a treat for all my senses, the best of all was the way she felt to my mouth.

Her youthful skin, besides being a beautiful light brown, was soft and smooth and a delight to my tongue, and when I licked her pussy lips, they felt soft and spongy. Although I wanted to get back to those labia, there was no hurry, and there were many more things to do that would be extremely pleasurable to both Rosie and me. The first of those things was to bring my mouth to below her pink love hole, so my tongue could caress the soft skin between their origins.

Moving upward very slowly, I stroked her there until I reached the point where the two lips almost meet. I turned my face slightly sideways and probed the seam between them, thoroughly licking both labia. I took a long time with what I was doing, moving my tongue quickly but fondling the same area over and over. Every part of Rosie's pussy was so wonderful that I could never get tired of worshipping her there. Both of us enjoyed every second as I licked my way to the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood. I paused there, very briefly, to look at Rosie's face as it rolled about on her pillow. It was a mask of total bliss, with her eyes closed and her mouth open, enjoying everything I was doing.

She enjoyed it even more when I licked across her clit hood. Her pussy, which had been squirming under my ministrations, started fucking up into my face. This is one of the most delightful parts of eating a pussy, feeling the woman becoming so aroused that her reflexes take over and she starts moving in such a way as to express her utter bliss. I looked at Rosie's beautiful face again, and this time, she seemed to feel my gaze, and opened her eyes.

"What are you doing to me?" she interrupted her moaning to ask. "It feels more wonderful than anything I have ever felt before."

"That's good. I like it too and it's going to get even better for both of us." I didn't know if she believed me or not but Rosie closed her eyes again and nestled her head in her pillow to totally give herself over to the enjoyment of what we were doing.

It got better for me right away, when I brought my mouth back below her pink love hole and devoured all the nectar that Rosie had produced. It seemed to be even more delicious than it had been before, something I would not have thought possible. Still moving my tongue quickly but advancing slowly, I treated her second pair of pussy lips as I had the first, licking her until I once again reached her clit hood. I paused there again also, to look at Rosie's face. The movements of her head on the pillow were wilder and her whole body was thrashing on the bed, rocking back and forth on her ass. I was very glad my grip on her legs was so tight because I was able to keep my mouth where I wanted, despite her frenetic movements.

Once again I brought my mouth back down and feasted on Rosie's pussy juices. This time I started back up by probing my tongue into the bottom edge of her dripping pink hole. As I thrust against her, I relished the nectar that squirted out onto my tongue. Because of her youth and apparent inexperience, she was very tight there but I started my tongue up one side of the same hole, probing into its edge and exploring under her inner lip. Still clinging tightly to her thighs to keep my face where I wanted it, I skipped my tongue back and forth between the sides of that adorable pink place, dipping it in to taste the incredibly delicious juices. By the time I reached the top edge, I knew she was ready to cum.

Besides churning up her bed with her body, Rosie was moaning even louder, and whimpering from the completely new pleasure I was giving her. Her clit had become fully engorged and had pushed its way completely out from under its protective hood. Opening my mouth wide, I enveloped her precious love button, gently clamping my lips at the base, and started sucking. While I sucked on her clit, my tongue caressed the engorged side and tops.

"Oh!" Rosie exclaimed at the sudden, even more exquisite pleasure.

Her movements became wilder, her moans louder and her whimpers closer together. Not being familiar with Rosie's reactions, I didn't know if she was cumming or not, but I knew she was at least close to it, so I kept licking and sucking her clit and clinging tightly to her thighs.

"Oh! Oh! What's happening?" Rosie suddenly blurted out. Her thighs squeezed my temples between them and her hands went to the back of my head, pressing my face against her pussy. Her ass bounced up and down, actually raising off the bed, and her legs swung wildly from side to side, keeping me a very willing prisoner between them. I wanted very much to avoid being thrown off the bed by Rosie's wild gyrations, so I clung tightly to her thighs while my mouth clung tightly to her clit and I sucked and licked her there.

Although I don't know Rosie's reactions, I know cumming when I see it and feel it, and hers went on for several of the most wonderful minutes I have ever experienced. Abruptly, her body spasmed, and she relaxed, seeming to flow onto the bed like a beautiful tan rug. Her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs also released me, but remained draped over my shoulders. There was a great wealth of fresh nectar on her legs, belly, crotch and all over her pussy, and I feasted on it. Because I expected to fuck when she was ready, I left the juices inside her pussy so they could perform their natural lubricating function, but it was hard to pass up something so delicious. After devouring everything I was going to, I got off the bed and wiped my face off with the towel that was hanging in the corner. When I returned to the bed, Rosie was still sprawled on the bed but her eyes were open and she smiled at me, especially when she saw my erect cock.

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