Monday, February 7, 2011

The Hills: Jessica

bySean Renaud©
"Oh my god it's huge." Jessica gasped in awe. Just a few scant inches away was Jamal's penis and it was the biggest hunk of meat she'd ever seen. He wasn't even fully erect yet either. She was watching the beastly organ expand with each beat of his heart seeming to lurch towards her. Jessica took her time memorizing every detail.

She found herself enthralled with the course black curls wrapped around his scrotum. Jessica stared at the smooth mushroomed tip like she'd never seen a man before in her life. The tiny droplets of pre cum were already oozing out and glistening near the slit. Unlike her husband Jamal was circumcised. Her eyes trailed up and down watching as the wrinkles were eventually stretched flat by the still growing cock.

"Kiss it." Jamal commanded. It was the first thing that he'd said since entering the house and his deep voice resonated in the blonde woman's body sending a hot flush through her body. Jessica could feel the color from her forehead which was thankfully covered partially by her curly hair all the way down to the soles of her feet conviently hidden in a pair of tennis shoes. The rest of her body however was bared. "Kiss it."

The second time he gave the command Jessica felt something come over her and her body leaned forward and she kissed the smooth tip of Jamal's cock. It had been four years since she'd touched a man other than her husband and this was the first time in her thirty odd year life that she'd been with a black man. Jessica swore that there was something hyper sexual about him, like he could smell him and even that was enough to turn her on. Without thinking Jessica leaned even farther in nuzzling her nose against the thick patch of pubic hair and Jamal's scrotum and took a deep breath. It was true, it was how he smelled that was so intoxicating.

There was a second scent wafting in the air and that one deepened the blush already covering Jessica's normally pale flesh. She could smell her own arousal. She was wet. Soaked. Dripping. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been like this. She was kneeling and not only her thighs were slick but she could feel it on her heels and her calves as well. She was sure that when she moved there would be a spot on the carpet that she'd been explaining to her husband.

Her husband flashed briefly into her mind. He hadn't done anything to deserve this, he'd never cheated on her. He always provided for her, loved her, treated the kids well. In fact that was where he was right then, driving their nineteen year old daughter to college up state. He wouldn't be back until sometime tomorrow. Whatever other thoughts she was about to have were pushed aside along with her guilt when Jamal's cock started rubbing against her cheek snapping her back from the dismal day dreams and back into reality.

"Jerk me off." Reality was that next to her head was a cock so big if she wasn't staring at it she wouldn't believe it was real. Jessica wrapped both hands around the organ stroking and twisting at the same time like she'd seen the girls do in the movies. "Suck."

"It's too big." She whispered more to herself than to Jamal. She knew she couldn't deny him anything but she was equally certain that wouldn't fit into her mouth. She had to squeeze down just to fully wrap her fingers around it. Jessica started by flicking her tongue against the tip, just teasing along the sensitive spots. Then she started greedily targeting the glistening spots of pre-cum before finally stretching her mouth as wide as she could manage and forcing the tip past her lips. Carefully she started pushing herself, sucking noisily on the length in her mouth while her hands continued to stroking up and down the length of the rest of Jamal's cock.

"Enough, get on the couch." Jessica eased herself of his cock which was now dripping with her saliva. She looked down at herself and noticed a stream of her own spit hanging from her chin and dripping onto her breasts. She went to the couch as she was told leaning over the arm of couch looking back over her shoulder at him.

Jessica bit down on her lip as she watched Jamal approach her. He was like something out of a movie with his thickly muscled body and that weapon hanging between his legs. There was no doubt to her it was a weapon, a genuine pig sticker and she would be impaled on that spear in mere moments. Already she could feel her small hands turning into tiny fists as she anticipated her fate. Jamal liked that she was intimidated, she could see it in his eyes as he continued that slow march towards her. It was much like watching the executioner approach.

Then he gripped her knee and yanked her legs open throwing on nearly over the back of the couch. Jessica hadn't been stretched like that in years and a dull pain echoed through her thighs but that was nothing compared to the next feeling. Next was that cock forcing its way into her tight white pussy. Even as wet as she was and with his cock coated in her spit she was still resisting him. Jamal was patient slowly easing more weight onto her until the tip slipped into her cunt. Never in her life was Jessica so aware of every single inch of her pussy as she was right then but she swore she could feel the individual veins on the weaving through his cock. She could feel the crown trying to pull her insides out every time he pulled back even a little bit.

A sudden shot of courage shot through her when Jamal stopped for a moment and she opened her eyes and peered down between her legs and then gasped . He was only about halfway in. He really was going to impale her on that thing. She thought suddenly of trying to get away from him but he was so strong. She could feel the strength, one hand on her knee the other on her waist pulling her back towards him and he wasn't even trying. If he didn't want to let her go he wouldn't and the thought forced a whimper to escape her throat. Sensing his cue he started pushing farther into her and Jessica whimpered and squirmed but she never asked him to stop. Jessica bit down on her lip again a little harder this time and screwed up the courage to open her eyes. She'd done it, that big black bastard was balls deep in her white, well actually bright red pussy.

It really was her own fault that Jamal got the wrong impression from the next words to escape her lips. She meant them in complete awe, that she couldn't believe what that she'd taken the entire thing. It wasn't a command but it was followed like one. The two words she whispered, the last two words she's speak that evening were, "Fuck Me." Jamal did that with gusto. Anything that the petite blonde with the killer rack had wanted to say were abruptly cut off into a series of screams that had they not been so obviously of a woman in pleasure would have gotten the police called several times over. She didn't even feel like a person in his grasp at that point, she was just a rag doll, a piece of meat for his entertainment and it was all a blur. She remembered his lips on her breasts and on her neck and his hands on her stomach. Jessica even remembered him pulling her back onto him so she was riding him bouncing up and down on his cock while he held her breasts and pinched her nipples. The rest she couldn't recall.

"Baby I'm about to-"

"I know you are! Do it! Fucking cum in my pussy give me that black baby!" She was still on top when that happened. He might have tried to stop her, she couldn't recall anything other than the fact that she was almost jumping up and down on him by that point and there wasn't a man alive who didn't want to flood her womb with cum. "Cum!" She shouted one last time before leaning back and savagely kissing him her own orgasm threatening to shatter reality entirely and the feeling of him flooding her with his cum was incredible.

As soon as he'd finished cumming Jessica flew off his cock and turned on him licking the entire length. She loved the taste of the combined sex still clinging to his cock. Jessica lovingly went over every bit of his flesh, even his nuts until she was satisfied she'd gotten every drop of their love making and then she collapsed onto the floor in a completely content ball.

A lazy smile was slithering across her face until she saw something that horrified her. That pig sticker, that beastly bit of flesh that had just about split her in half was still standing at attention. "No more." She whispered shaking her head in disbelief. It wasn't possible, she'd conquered that thing, it couldn't still want more.

Jamal smiled and then leaned down kissing her forehead and gathered his clothing. "I'll see you again next week when your hubby goes off do his one weekend a month in the Reserve."

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