Monday, February 7, 2011

Australian BBWs Love Black Men!

I used to say never but I guess I changed my mind. And I'm glad I did. My name is Theodore Jeunesse. My friends call me T.J. Who am I? A big and tall Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I have lived in the City of Ottawa for a long time. My family moved there from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti when I was much younger. A lot of people say the City of Ottawa is boring but it's really the political heart of the Confederation of Canada. I am proud to be one of the few high-ranking professionals of African descent working in the City's deeply private and cutthroat business sector.

Being a successful Black businessman in the Confederation of Canada isn't easy. A lot of times it's about who you know rather than what you know. Of course, being educated helps but it's not everything. I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Carleton University and an MBA from the University of Ottawa. Presently I work for Futurist-Design Enterprises, as a mid-level executive. We do most if not all the high-tech and supremely cool car commercials in the Confederation of Canada. I was hired by the Head of Human Resources, Carolyn Anderson, mainly because we had mutual friends. Carolyn Anderson's best friend Anne Madison is a good friend and former classmate of mine at Carleton University. Anne recommended me and Carolyn hired me. How about that?

I see a lot of young Black women and young Black men at the major educational institutions of the City of Ottawa. Schools like the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiale have scores of Black students. Unfortunately, these students face an uphill climb in the job market once they graduate. I graduated from the University of Ottawa's MBA Program in 2006. I found a terrific job a mere three months after graduation. I guess you could say I was one of the lucky ones. I know plenty of Black men and Black women with University degrees in Ottawa who work lousy jobs because they can't find work in their fields. It's a very sad state of the affairs, folks. I try not to let it get to me.

As successful as I am in my professional life, my personal life is less than perfect. I love my family, of course. I recently bought a house in Toronto for my parents, Louis and Mathilda Jeunesse. A little something to thank them for raising me so well. It wasn't easy. Dad worked as a Corrections Officer and Mom worked as a restaurant manager. Somehow, they pulled it together to not only raise me but also to give me a better future. Us Haitians form such devoted and close-knit families. Unfortunately, today's young Black women lack the fortitude and devotion that made Black women the basis of all strong Black families in the old days. Case in point? Please read on!

Recently, I was dumped by my girlfriend of five years, Melissa Samson. The five-foot-nine, gorgeous Haitian-born and Montreal-based supermodel simply dumped me out of the blue. And in passing she revealed to me that she'd been having an affair with my ex-friend Sean Hawthorne, an Englishman who used to work as an accountant at F.D. Enterprises. I never knew that my Afro-centric ( Melissa loves African art and hates seeing Black men with White chicks ) Haitian girlfriend was into White guys. And I never knew my very married English colleague fancied my girlfriend. I guess I got played for a fool. That day, I nearly committed suicide, folks. I took about a thousand pills and landed in the hospital. Awesome way for a twenty-seven-year-old man of means to celebrate his birthday, eh?

Well, as fate would have it, I met someone special while at the hospital. Emily O'Shea. A six-foot-one, curvy and big-bottomed, absolutely stunning Irishwoman hailing from the City of Melbourne in Australia. Emily is a recent Nursing school graduate working at the Ottawa-Carleton Hospital. She has her Master's degree in Nursing from the University of Toronto. This thirty-something, blonde-haired and green-eyed, somewhat heavyset ( she proudly told me she's ten pounds heavier than me ) but totally sexy Australian lady is also the proud mother of a half-Japanese, half-Irish son named Shawn Yamamoto O'Shea. Her Japanese ex-husband Tom Yamamoto went back to Japan after his businesses in Australia took a hit during the Global Recession of the mid-2000s. Wanting a fresh start, Emily moved to Canada. That was five years ago. Wow.

The lovely Emily and I became friends. This gorgeously curvy Australian woman was disgusted by the thought of suicide. She thought only cowardly men took their lives. Like most Australians I've met, she spoke her mind and didn't believe in mincing words. I kind of liked that about her. After years of getting duped by a sweet-talking Haitian hussy who nearly destroyed me, I could use some brutal honesty. I found myself fascinated by Emily. She was a fascinating woman. I learned how her racist Australian family basically disowned her when she decided to marry the handsome Japanese student she met while attending the University of Melbourne. Wow. I guess she hadn't had an easy life. Emily told me that she'd always been the kind of woman who followed her heart and took no prisoners. I smiled when she told me that. I guess we were kindred spirits in a way. I have always been one to love a bit too hard. My friends warned me that Melissa Samson was a bimbo when we met but I was too in love with her to heed their warnings. I thought of her as my Black Goddess. My Ebony Queen. The future mother of my brats. Besides, she was good-looking, educated, proudly Black and ambitious...just like me. I thought we were a match made in heaven. I didn't expect my Black Goddess to sleep with one of my White male friends behind my back.

I found myself feeling like a fool every time I thought of Melissa Samson. I kept thinking of her sleeping with Hawthorne. I'm not a racist or anything but the idea of the Black woman in my life sleeping with White guys behind my back fills me with anger. I think many Black men can relate to me on that one. No, I'm not going to go all Lakeview Terrace on her. If she wants to try Something New, she could have been woman enough to tell me. Why did Melissa cheat on me? I offered her the world. I was always patient and generous with her. I worshiped the ground she walked on. I helped her Haitian parents get their permanent residency in this country with a little help from a friend of mine who works at the Canadian Immigration And Refugee Board. Wasn't I good to her? I think so. I always treated her with respect. The day she graduated from the University of Montreal with her bachelor's degree in sociology, I celebrated by buying her a brand-new car. If you ask me, I think I was the perfect boyfriend!

Sometimes, I wonder if there is something about me that says sucker. Seriously. I talked to Emily about that. We were having coffee in her living room one night. Her son Shawn was fast asleep after playing video games. My romantic failures still bothered me. I wanted to get a woman's viewpoint on this. My entire life I've often been mistreated by the women I dated. I've dated Haitian women, Jamaican women, Ethiopian women, Somalian women, Eritrean women, Sudanese women, Congolese women, Nigerian women, Djibouti women, Afro-Brazilian women and Afro-Cuban women. Always with the same results. None of them were as fond of me as I was of them. I always cared more for them than they cared for me. They often cheated on me with Black guys who were thugs or gangsters. Guys without anything real to offer these beautiful Black women.

And sometimes it wasn't even thuggish Black guys. Sometimes, they left me for White guys or other women! One of my ex-girlfriends cheated on me with Jada Vincent, one of my female cousins! How about that? I've got Nice Guy Syndrome. Side effect of my parents raising me too well, I guess. Emily listened to my spiel as I poured my heart out. So much for the Invincible Black Man image I try to project, eh? I'm six-foot-four and weigh 250 pounds. Yet I feel more vulnerable than a house cat on the highway when it comes to the worlds of dating and romance. Emily smiled and gently told me there was nothing wrong with me.

I shook my head, not believing her. I felt that if every Black woman I've ever dated found something unlovable about me, then I was truly one of nature's mistakes. At the end of the day, I feel unlovable and alone. My mansion in Crystal Beach ( one of Ottawa's priciest neighbourhoods), my University degrees and my high salary didn't make me feel better. I found myself envious of the young Black guys I saw at Saint Laurent Mall and Rideau Centre walking around with young Black women who gazed at them adoringly. I'm a good Black man and yet I've never had a Black woman treat me like that. I've always been the Black nerd, never the Black stud. In spite of my height and size, I suck at sports. Inside, I feel like a nerd. Being successful has done very little to take away my insecurities.

Emily took my hands in hers and told me there was nothing wrong with me. Then something amazing happened. She kissed me. To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. Our lips parted. Emily smiled and kissed me again. This time, I kissed her back. The passion with which we kissed surprised the hell out of me. I kissed her again, and before I knew it, we were making love on her couch. Tenderly, we undressed each other. Emily kissed me all over, playing with my chest hairs and caressing my body. I kissed her lips and made her way down her throat. I took her big, firm breasts in my hands and licked the areolas. Emily laughed and told me to continue. Well, I didn't need much encouragement at this point!

I kissed a path from Emily's voluminous breasts to her belly. Gently she spread her big, sexy thighs. I breathed in her scent. Hot, sultry and demanding. I began nibbling on her pussy while fingering her. Emily giggled and urged me to work my magic on her. I began licking her pussy like my life depended on it. Emily tasted hot and salty to me. I liked the taste of her. Greedily I ate her out. She squealed in delight and grabbed the back of my neck, urging me on. I licked her down until I made her cum.

We continued our fun in the bedroom. I picked Emily up and took her there. Once we got there, a complete change went over her. She got really bossy...and I guess I kind of liked it. Emily went straight for my dick. She grabbed my eight-inch, uncircumcised member and began milking it with her mouth. I sighed in pleasure as my sexy Australian Goddess sucked me off. She sucked my dick and licked my balls. While sucking my cock, Emily fingered my asshole. I didn't mind, actually. I kind of like having my ass played with. How Emily guessed that, I'll never know. Think I'll ask her later. Emily urged me to fuck her. I spread her thighs and shoved my dick up her cunt. While I thrust my manhood into her wet pussy, Emily buried two fingers in my ass while urging me on. I really liked it. For some reason it got me really hard. As I soon discovered, Emily's penchant for anal play wasn't limited to my ass. It also extended to hers. I pumped my dick into her pussy for a good while, loving the sound of her passionate screams. The fun went on then we tried something new.

Emily took off the condom after I fucked her, and sucked the cum out of my dick. Hot damn. This woman simply couldn't get enough of me. To help me get hard again, she tried something unconventional. Horny as I was, I was down for whatever. Emily pulled a small blue dildo out of her drawer and smiled at me. I grinned nervously. It's one thing for her to finger my ass, quite another for her to stick something else up there. Emily promised me an experience I'd never forget if I went along with her plan. I gave it a try. I laid on my back as she sucked my dick while applying lubricant to my ass. Then she pressed the dildo against my asshole and began working it inside. Man, I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm a fairly open-minded though kind of conservative Haitian man letting a kinky Australian woman shove a dildo up my ass. Hot damn. Emily smiled gleefully as she shoved the dildo up my ass. She told me to relax and enjoy. I tried my best. It was definitely an intense experience. My first time getting penetrated. It hurt a bit, in spite of the lubricant but I kind of liked it. Not something I'd want to do every damn day but a fun experience nonetheless. Emily jerked off my cock while thrusting the dildo deep inside of me. I came spectacularly a few moments later, squirting hot manly cum all over the place. Emily laughed and kissed me.

We resumed with the fucking and sucking moments later. This time, Emily wanted me to have a go with her ass. I watched as my sexy Australian Goddess got on all fours and spread her big White butt cheeks for me. With a wry grin she tossed me a bottle of lubricant and urged me to make good use of it. I did, once I got done admiring and fondling Emily's big butt. Hot damn. This Australian chick had a magnificent ass. An ass masterpiece, actually. A big and round, heart-shaped ass. I frigging kissed it, causing Emily to laugh. I pressed my dick against Emily's asshole. Slowly, I eased my cock into her. My gorgeous Australian MILF wasn't very patient. She told me she was no stranger to butt-fucking and to just stick it in! I teased her by taking my sweet time. Slowly, I worked my dick into her asshole. Inch by inch I fed her hungry asshole my cock. And you know what? Her big White ass took it all!

I held onto Emily's wide hips as I thrust my cock into her. She went nuts as I fucked her in the ass. I began fucking her harder, slamming my dick deep inside of her. I've never had anal sex before. None of the gorgeous Black ladies I've been with ever let me try that with them. Even my sexually adventurous ex, Melissa, never let me take her like that. Hot damn. Had I known it would be this much fun, I would have tried it a long time ago. Emily squealed as I fucked her. Man, the obscenities which came out of her mouth while we fucked would have offended a seasoned sailor. I totally loved it. I smacked her ass and pulled her hair while fucking her. We fucked and sucked the night away, folks. I guess you could say we both went a little crazy because it had been a long time for us. I hadn't been with a woman in the three months since Melissa dumped me. And Emily told me that she hadn't been with a guy in even longer because she had her son and her University studies to handle. Most guys weren't content to play second fiddle and didn't bother dating the sultry single mom. It's a good thing I'm not most guys. Dawn found us in each other's arms. When I woke up, Emily and I had breakfast and a little talk.

Our hook-up changed the nature of our friendship forever. Even before that passionate night, I had been having fantasies about Emily. Erotic fantasies which surprised me because I had never really had any 'special thoughts' about a White woman before. To me, the Black Goddess is my Standard of Beauty. So why was I falling for a kinky, wonderful White woman from Australia? I don't know. Emily told me that she liked me, but wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship with her because I kept whining about Black women not wanting me and trying to 'make myself more worthy of my Black Goddesses'. I took Emily's hand in mine and kissed it. Then I told her that I cared for her regardless of her colour. I am fond of Black women. I respect them. And I always will have feelings for them. However, right now, a kinky Australian mama named Emily is the person who I want to be with. Emily smiled when she heard that. We kissed again.

Her son Shawn walked in and saw us. Shawn smiled and said good morning, and apparently didn't look surprised to see us kiss. He declined a ride to his High School. Emily smiled nervously and told me she'd have a talk with him. I smiled too, and kissed her again. Yeah, that's how we began dating. I'm a twenty-seven-year-old Black Canadian man of Haitian descent and I'm dating a gorgeous, thirty-seven-year-old Australian woman with a half-Irish, half-Japanese son. And you know what? We're happy together. I get along great with her son. I introduced her to my parents. They were surprised, to say the least. Especially my mother. My dear mum wanted me to find a nice Black lady to marry. Well, I'm sorry mother. I think I might have dated every Black woman in Ottawa, or came close to. I gave it my best shot. I now realize they're just not into me. They don't like nice and friendly Black guys with University degrees and successful careers. They like thuggish Black guys and White men. That's their preference. And I'm okay with that.

Folks, I'm happy with the woman I'm with. So what if she's Australian and I'm Haitian? You just never know how life might turn out or who you'll end up with. This Black man tried something new...and liked it. Please don't compare me to other successful Black men who seem to only chase random White women. I have my Master's degree from University and so does my sweetie Emily. I still love and respect Black ladies. I just happen to be in love with a White woman from Australia. I love her not because she's White but because she makes me happy. We're actually standing on equal footing with one another. And not just because we're both over six feet tall. Folks, it's been a year since Emily and I met. We're still going strong. I proposed to her one fine evening in December 2010 and she said yes. We're getting hitched in the summer of 2011. Right in time for her son Shawn's High School graduation. Now we'll have a double reason to celebrate!

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