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The Hills: Hillary

bySean Renaud©
"So how do you like the water?" Hillary called from poolside as she brought a pair of fruity drinks to the edge of the pool. Of course his drink had a little more liquor in it than her did. It probably wasn't required though. She'd seen how he looked at her, it was the same way that most men looked at her despite the fact that she was well into her forties she'd managed to keep herself in great shape. Good enough that she had nothing to be ashamed of striding poolside in a black bikini and sarong.

"Water is fine." Jamal called back lazily performing a backstroke in the water. he thoroughly enjoyed this part of their relationship. The part where they were still pretending like there was some kind of chase involved when there really wasn't. He was letting her get the full view of his well toned muscles as he lazily swam from one end of the pool to the other and she was making sure that he caught her attention as well but hers was a little easier to detect.

Jamal was lazily swimming back and forth from end of the pool to the other and while his nearly foot long cock was hard as a rock it was positioned well in his trunks so it was only obvious when he was doing the backstroke but the rest of his body didn't give even the slightest hint to his arousal.

Hillary on the other hand wasn't nearly as lucky. Her raven hued hair was plastered to her head in sexy rivulets despite the fact that it wasn't particularly hot out. Another hint was the fact that even though she hadn't gotten into the pool once the bottoms of her bikini as well as a patch of her sarong were soaked through.

Then there was body language.

Jamal's was still completely relaxed even if he wasn't. It was a just that swimming was about as casual as a man could get. It was just a benefit of being in the water and constantly kicking and twisting in the water. Hillary would have known how turned on he was if she wasn't so distracted herself but she was.

Hillary's legs were pumping back and forth like she was riding a bicycle desperately trying to quell the hunger between her thighs but it refused to relent. It wasn't a conscious thing, just like she didn't mean to rub her arm against her stiff nipples when she set the drinks down on a side table and let her eyes follow the delicious chocolate man gliding through her pool.

Part of her was aware felt guilty because she knew that she had invited the new neighbor, Jamal, over for a single reason and that reason was obvious when you realized she waited until her husband was away at work. Worse was that he knew what the reason was too. He was just smugly enjoying the hunt. There he was in all his magnificent splendor swimming back and forth taunting her with his taut body.

"You plan on joining me or are you going to just stay there on all night?" He asked without breaking his stroke. Without waiting for a response he swam over to her feet resting himself on the edge of the concrete then leaned forward pressing his lips to the tops of her feet. Jamal took his time lovingly pressing his lips to the top of each of her feet then slowly to each individual toe before staring up at the jet haired beauty.

"Maybe in the spa." She conceded looking down at him for a moment. Hillary retrieved both drinks and then walked around the edge of the pool her bare feet carefully avoiding the cool puddles around her pool while she made her way to the spa and slipped down into it careful to keep the iced drinks out of the warm bubbling water.

It took a few more moments, Jamal as obviously enjoying the feeling of her eyes on his chest but he eventually floated over to her and slid into the hot spa with her. The hot water was such a contrast from the cool pool water that it dragged a long hiss from his lips but it did nothing to dampen his arousal. That remained steadfast in the face of her incredible beauty but nothing he could imagine would ever make a man frown in her presence, she was an absolutely stunning woman.

"So what is it you wanted to wait until you were this close to say to me?" Hillary asked scooting slightly close to him as she handed him his drink. "So are you going to tell me about why you moved here to the Hills?" She blushed slightly hiding it behind her drink. "I mean I already know why you moved some one told you didn't they?" Jamal paused for a second looking around then he nodded. The truth was if he wasn't safe in a pool he wasn't safe anywhere and there was no point in being paranoid. Instead he smiled and leaned forward brushing his lips against her cheek as he took his drink. His eyes only remained there for a moment before returning to her.

"So it's true?" Jamal asked mockingly. He already knew that the legend of the Hills was true, that all of the women, every last one of them were part of some sex cult and while it was usually the girls playing amongst themselves but the guys, especially the few minority men in the neighborhood got around. It was just something far too fantastic to be true and of course he'd never told his wife any of this.

"What do you think?" Hillary asked as she moved to straddle him grinding her hips up and down his cock until she felt it starting to wake up. Her arms laced around his head pulling his face down into her cleavage while she finished her drink and set it aside. "Is it really big?" She asked.

" About ten inches." He responded pulling her top down so he could feast on her rosy nipples. He licked and sucked on the hard nubs of flesh as if they were his favorite pastry moving back and forth from one to the other. Hillary whimpered pushing her chest forward offering them freely to her black lover barely giving him time to breathe.

"I want it in me." She gasped finally pulling back far enough for her to undo the ties holding her bikini in place and letting the top and bottom fall away to float on the surface of the water. She only left the sarong in place. At the same time Jamal yanked his shorts down to his ankles freeing his dick from its confines.

Hillary paused for a moment when she actually saw the unsheathed blade she was intending to impale herself on. She'd had plenty of big men before but he was still going to be one of the biggest. There wasn't a single part of her that was even willing to contemplate defeat. It wasn't in her blood so she moved back in, grit her teeth and forced herself down onto that monstrous phallus. Jamal was big, huge in fact but not nearly as big as some of the toys she owned. It only took Hillary a few moments of pushing before she'd forced his full length into her and once she got there the rest was easy.

"You just sit there big boy." Hillary whispered leaning closer to him and kissing his cheek before she pulled herself up until only the very tip remained inside her and then she plunged back down onto it. Her breasts splashed water up into his face as she kept going fucking him as hard as she was capable of each time nearly pulling him out of her before sitting back down in a single stroke. "Just let me enjoy this big black cock." Hillary whispered leaning against him again so her breasts were crushed against his chest.

In a moment of pure lust Jamal reached up lacing his fingers into her hair and yanked her head back slamming his lips against hers as the same moment. IT was the first time she'd lost control of the situation. the first moment she'd realized just how much stronger he was and that she was really and truly helpless in his grasp a feeling that was completely intoxicating. Hillary managed to keep from screaming, instead smiling as she took his entire length into her and then started grinding up and down his cock.

If the world extended beyond the length of his cock she was completely unaware of that fact. For her it completely ended with his cock and the fact that it was buried in her cunt. She could barely even think of anything outside that tiny reality and he was likewise fixated on her snug cunt clinging to his cock.

"Harder." Hillary whimpered. It was almost funny that she made any requests since she was riding him. She was the one in control of how fast, deep and hard he went but the request still felt natural and right. It never occurred to her that she might have been screwing things up as she rode her ebony stallion into the sunset.

Jamal was happy to oblige her wishes sending his own hips up to met hers every time she came down on him. The hot water splashed around then getting messier and messier by the second. Neither of them were paying enough attention to notice anything beyond their own interlocking flesh. The next day she would have bruises along her hips from his grip as well as bite marks on her breasts but at the moment that wasn't a concern. It would be a concern if her husband saw them but that was for later. Right then there was only one thing that mattered, the massive railroad spike she was impaled on.

Hillary had to muffle a scream by biting down onto his shoulder when he yanked her all the way down into his lap getting as deep into her as he could manage as he flooded her with his hot cum. She'd never had any man cum that much she could feel it coating every inch of her insides and squishing around as her hips continued to churn her own orgasm still cresting for a few more seconds before she collapsed against him sagging her head over his shoulder. "God you really are a beast." She whispered and he smiled.
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