Monday, February 7, 2011

interracial literotica

A Bisexual Haitian Gigolo

The name is Jamal Joseph Williamson. I'm a six-foot-two, lean, broad-shouldered and athletic man with caramel-colored skin and sharp, handsome features. I've always been good-looking and the way I see it, it's a kind of power. Ever see someone beautiful walking down the street? People can't help but look at them. That is power, my friend. It's a power that works on both men and women. Have you seen any movies lately? The best-looking guys and girls around Hollywood star in them.

I strongly believe that to get by in this world, you should use what comes natural. What comes natural for me is to look good. I come from good genes. My father, Louis Williamson was a white man and my mother, Anne Marie Joseph was a Black woman from Haiti. I am a biracial Haitian-American male living in Los Angeles. It's tough living out here, in a city full of beautiful people. By day, I'm a student at UCLA, studying Business Administration. I'm on my third year of college and I intend to get that degree real soon. Contrarily to what they say about most models, I am no slouch in the brains department. I maintain a grade point average of three every semester. Nobody can survive on their looks alone, know what I mean? If my career in modeling and acting doesn't work, I plan on going corporate.

Now, I've got a story to share with you. I am not exactly a rich man. Back in high school, I worked very hard to win an academic scholarship to college. The scholarship covers room and board as well as tuition at UCLA as long as I maintain a certain GPA. I need money and just like everybody else I know, I needed to get myself a job. From time to time, I get called in for a photo shoot or a commercial, but it doesn't happen often enough. The biggest thing to happen to me this year was to get paid ten thousand dollars to shoot a commercial for a men's underwear ad. I was loaded for a while. I was doing good. Unfortunately, it all went away real quick. I had to get myself a job.

I'm not the kind of guy who wants to work in a restaurant or as a security guard, not that there's anything wrong with that. I wanted a job where I could make easy money and get back on my feet. A friend of mine told me about this escort agency. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. A handsome Black man like myself going into the world's oldest profession. Well, I was hesitant about it for some time but I really needed the money. I'm all the way in Los Angeles by myself. My parents live in Boston. My dad owns a car rental agency and my mom is a professor at the University of Massachusetts. Neither of them were rich. So, financially, I didn't want to lean on them. I had too much pride for that. So, I started working for the escort agency.

My first assignment was to meet this unknown person in Beverly Hills. Yes, you heard right. I was picked up by a limo and taken into the place where the fabulously wealthy lived. I had been around Beverly Hills before, on a tour bus. That was years ago, when I was new to the city. Now, I was a hardened member of the city's lower middle class. I would do anything for a buck. I made sure that I was dressed nicely. Before going on the job, I had a haircut, showered, shaved and put on a red silk shirt and black leather pants. I checked myself in the mirror several times. Of course, I looked good. On a scale of one to ten, I was a twenty, if I dare say so. No, I'm not cocky, just real honest.

So, I showed up in front of this big mansion and was greeted by a tall, gaunt man in a suit. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him. Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against doing it with the dudes. I am bisexual, after all. What else would you call someone who felt attracted to members of both sexes? Still, this dude who greeted me was not only old but seriously ugly. I prayed to my lucky stars that he wasn't the client. Thankfully, he wasn't. He was only the butler. He led me inside. I went into the mansion. The place was huge. Ever watch MTV's Cribs? Yeah, it was that kind of place. Movie stars and tycoons lived in places like these. Damn. Sometimes, I hate rich people.

The butler told me to make myself comfortable. I sat down on a couch. I had no idea who I would be meeting. It could be anyone, a man or a woman. Whoever it was, he or she was seriously loaded. I was getting paid twelve hundred dollars to be here. A few minutes later, I was greeted by someone other than the butler. The person who greeted me was a tall, slightly plump but attractive woman with long red hair and pale white skin. She reminded me of the actress Julianne Moore. The lady smiled at me and we shook hands. She told me her name was Marcia Smith, and she was the person I would be entertaining tonight. I was surprised. I looked at Marcia Smith. She was around five-eleven, curvy, and very pretty. If I had to guess her age, I'd say that she was in her early forties. She had some surplus flesh but I liked that in a woman. I have a thing for big beautiful women. We'll get to that later. Still, why did a woman who looked like that have to pay for sex? Oh, well. I would find out soon enough.

Marcia Smith sat next to me on the couch and started asking me questions. She asked me what I did. I told her I was here to please her. She smiled at that. I smiled back. I really didn't need any of my clients to know too much about me. I was here to do whatever they wanted, for a few hours. At the end of the night, I'd get paid and leave. That was supposed to be the deal. We talked for a few minutes, and I learned that she was the Junior Vice President of a Software Company. She appeared to be doing quite well for herself. I guess wealthy businesswomen are a lot more like their male counterparts than they care to admit. A girl who works as an escort at the agency told me about the many businessmen she slept with. Yes, rich and powerful people could do whatever they wanted. Still, I can't say that Marcia Smith was unpleasant company. She seemed smart. Of course, we had to get down to business. She sat on the couch, relaxed and told me to strip. I smiled. I was ready.

I stood up and undressed, making a big show of my natural assets. I'm a tall, broad-shouldered and muscular young man. I work out at the gym five times a week. I lift weights and I also run in the morning. I can do close to a thousand stomach crunches in one sitting. I take care of myself. I also follow a strict diet. Yes, I looked good. When it came time to remove my underwear, I grinned and showed Marcia Smith who she was dealing with. I took off my underwear, and my dick sprang out. Yes, my long and thick dick. A slightly bent, ten-inch, uncircumcised cock. I've got it and I know how to work it. I've used it to bring great pleasure to many women and men in my day.

When Marcia saw my tool, she gasped. Yeah, I could tell that she was surprised. What can I say, baby? I'm part Black and part white. I've got the best of both worlds. Marcia looked at me with lust in her eyes. I smiled. She gestured for me to come to her. I grinned and shook my head. No, she would come to me. And so she did. She stood up and started touching me. I felt her hands on my face, my shoulders and my chest. Naturally, they Wandered you-know-where. I felt her hands on my member. I knew what she wanted. It was what they all wanted from me, sooner or later. Since she was paying for it, I was perfectly willing to give it to her. Marcia kissed me full and deep. I felt some passion in that kiss. I knew what she was instantly.

As she kissed me and we began to move about in the living room, I knew what was up with her. Like many American women, she lived in a politically correct business world. No compliments were made to a woman by a man, since the guy thought she would probably scream sexual harassment. Also, she probably got very little sex, since only workaholics made it to the top of the business world. She looked at me, and there was a hunger in her eyes that I hadn't noticed before. She was so cool and in control most of the time. Now, her true colors were showing. She wanted me. I smiled. I was used to having both men and women wanting me in their beds and inside them. This was too easy.

I decided to make her work for it. Just a little bit. I backed off from her, and she looked at me, surprised. I backed up and she walked toward me. I smiled. She was finally getting it. She came to me, and I tripped over a really soft cushion. She was on top of me. I pulled her into my arms. She was looking at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I grinned and kissed her. Slowly, I undressed her. She was aching for me and obviously in a hurry. I wanted to keep her waiting. For as long as possible. Denying her, to make her want me more. It worked like a charm. I undressed Marcia Smith, and admired her sexy, voluptuous form from up close and of course, very personal.

There is a certain beauty in voluptuous women. The curves, the soft flesh, the tender feel of their bodies. It could drive many a man wild. I've slept with both men and women. I've enjoyed it. Yet the most passionate lovers I've had have been the 'titanic ones', as I like to call large men and large women. I ran my hands over Marcia's face, and caressed her. She carried such tension in her shoulders, and all over her body. I touched her face, her neck, her shoulders. I ran my hands over her back, her belly and her large, round buttocks. I returned to her breasts, and suckled on them. She moaned as I did this. My hand wandered between her thighs, and she gasped when she felt my fingers gently probing her. I could tell that she liked what I was doing. Of course, I'm the best there is at what I do.

I licked a path from Marcia's large, firm breasts down her belly to her groin. Once I was between her legs, I feasted. I licked and probed her insides with my tongue and fingers. I tasted her. I've tasted many women and a few men in my day and each and every single one of them has a different taste. I cannot explain it any further, they simply do. Marcia caressed my head as I pleasured her. I continued what I was doing, licking and probing and eating her out until...the floodgates opened. With a passionate scream, Marcia came. I looked at her. Her face was wild, her eyes were bulging. Clearly, this wasn't something that she experienced very often. I smiled to myself. This big, beautiful woman was in seventh heaven and I had brought her there.

When the feeling subsided, she looked me with a wild look on her face. I looked at her. Some people are selfish lovers. I've met both women and men who fell into the category of selfish lovers. They think only of themselves. I'm not like that and I have no tolerance of people who are. I was about to find out which category this ambitious but sexually repressed businesswoman fell into. I waited. Marcia smiled at me, then she knelt before me as if to worship at my altar. When she took me into her mouth, I smiled. I definitely knew that she did not fall under the selfish lover category.

I stood there, and tried to relax as Marcia tried her best to pleasure me. I must say that I was surprised at how good she was. I've been sucked and fucked by both women and men and there's something the men always outperform the women at. I'm talking about oral sex. Ask any bisexual man. A gay man will give a better blowjob than a straight woman on any day of the week. This time, I must say that I was surprised. Marcia surprised me by being one of the best that I ever had. She sucked and licked me, and she did it so expertly that soon she drew my manly essence out, my seed. I experienced the ultimate physical satisfaction that a man could experience. I came.

I looked down at Marcia, and smiled. She wiped the back of her hand, grinning. I told her that she did well. She grinned broadly, then took my hand, leading me into the bedroom. There, we fell into the king-sized bed. The bed was so large that I had trouble believing that she lived in there all by herself. Well, tonight she had me. We rolled around on the bed, playfully wrestling. I came up on top of her. She looked up at me, smiling. I saw the look in her eyes. I knew what she wanted. It was both an invitation and a demand. She wanted me to take her. Never one to turn down a polite request, I complied. I took a condom and unwrapped it, putting it over my member. Marcia watched with interest. I looked at her, I was ready. She lay on her back, gazing at me invitingly. I went into her open arms, and she welcomed me inside her. I felt her legs wrap themselves around my waist and her arms clasped behind my back. My cock slid into her velvety wetness. And we were lost within each other.

We began making love on her bed. That's the only way I can describe it. I went inside her, feeling her hot, soft flesh yielding under my passionate thrusts. Gone were all thoughts from my mind. The world could have ended, and I wouldn't have cared. I was focused only on the moment and so was she. She moaned encouragingly as I continued to thrust into her. Passionately, we romped, and the bed shook underneath us. I was lost in the throes of passion and so was she. I was slamming my cock into her and she welcomed every thrust, every time. She screamed loudly and my screams echoed her own. I wondered what her neighbors would think, then realized that neither of us cared. I felt her hot pussy grip my member like a vise. I was thrusting in and out and she was screaming at me to give it to her harder and faster. I gave her all I had. We went at it like this for the next half hour, and then I came. A roar escaped my throat and Marcia looked at me, a wild look on her face. I didn't smile and remained inside her. I lay on top of her, and felt her hand caress the back of my head.

When I finally looked up, Marcia was looking at me. She was not done with me. I grinned. This woman was insatiable. She still wanted some more. Well, I had plenty more where that came from. She rolled out from underneath me, and I watched as she got on all fours. I blinked. Yes, I knew what she wanted. I had done this with many women and men before. I was not surprised. In fact, I almost expected it. Now that I unleashed the passion within her, I had to sate her hunger. In a primal way. I came up behind her, and she spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open. She took my member and rubbed it against her tiny asshole. I caressed her sexy buttocks. She turned her head to look at me. The expression on her face was one of primal need. A need that I understood all too well. I would not deny her.

I came up behind Marcia, and slid my cock into her. When I entered her, I heard her gasp. I placed my hands on her hips, and thrust into her. She pushed back against me, wanting more. I held her, and went into her once more. Her anal walls clenched around my member. All around my tool, her flesh was hot and tight. I smiled. There's something primal about anal sex. It doesn't matter if it's between two men or between a man and a woman. There's something forbidden about that spot. It's fun to do what's forbidden. Like a true rebel, I enjoyed every minute of this forbidden act. I thrust into her, felt her tight hole yield under my thrusts. She urged me to go harder. I did. Clearly, she was loving it, as I was. Marcia hadn't done this in a while. Well, I hadn't either. I thrust into her, slamming it deep inside her asshole. She screamed and her hungry hole took all that I had to give. We went at it like this for some time, before I came. I remained inside Marcia as we lay on the bed. She breathed heavily next to me, and I realized that our bodies were covered with sweat. It was over.

A short time later, I parted from Marcia Smith's company. She was pleasant about the whole thing. She let me use her shower, and I left the mansion exactly three hours after I'd first entered it. The butler was kind enough to hail me a cab and even pay the fare. I sat in the cab, heading home. I smiled as I remembered the events of the night. I couldn't recall the last time I had fun like this. Maybe the world's oldest profession was a cool way for me to make some extra money. There were plenty of lonely, wealthy men and women out there who needed something they lacked in their everyday lives. You know what they say in business, where there's a demand, there's got to be a supply. I might as well do it. That night, I went to bed happy. Things were finally getting interesting in this man's life.

The end.

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