Monday, February 7, 2011

My Cute Nieces Ch. 03a

For the third morning in a row, I walked over to see my cute nieces. The first morning, I had expected to have a pleasant, friendly visit, and I had ended up eating Loren's pussy and then we had fucked. The second time, I anticipated eating Gloria's pussy and hoped to fuck her gorgeous ass and that was what happened. This time, I expected both of my cute nieces to be waiting for me and I was unsure exactly what we would do. I did expect to eat both their pussies, two of the nicest I have ever experienced, and I did expect both of them to want to fuck but I was unsure exactly how or where.

I knew this would be the last day we would be able to get together for a while. It was a Friday; my wife would not be working on the weekend, and on Monday my nieces would be back in college. They would be starting exam week and they were serious students and for all the next week, they would dedicate themselves to last minute cramming when they weren't actually in the classroom.

All three of us knew that and we all wanted to make the most of our last day and have as much fun as we could. Dinner the previous night had been oyster stew and tomato salad and breakfast had been fried oysters and eggs. Besides that, I had taken an extra dose of Viagra before starting out to join Loren and Gloria and I hoped I would be up to doing what they would expect of me.

As I went through the gate in front of the house, I saw Loren's cute face looking out of her bedroom window. "Hi, Tito," she called to me, using the affectionate Tagalog word for "Uncle", and I heard her say something else in Tagalog, presumably to Gloria. The front door swung open as I approached it and I went inside.

"Close the door, Tito," I heard Gloria tell me. Carefully, I closed the door and locked it, including the bolt. I knew we would all want privacy, with no interruptions. When the door was secure, I removed my shoes, which is usual in Philippine households.

Gloria stepped through a doorway, smiling and completely naked, and walked toward me, her breasts jiggling enticingly as she approached. We were very glad to see each other and she pressed her body against mine as we kissed, passionately but with our mouths closed. Loren, also naked, joined us from upstairs and she and I hugged and kissed the same way. After that my nieces ganged up on me and stripped off my clothing. I was very happy to cooperate and made no resistance so in a few seconds all three of us were equally naked. "Let's go upstairs," Loren eagerly suggested. Nobody objected to that idea so all three of us went back to the room where we had already had so much fun in the last two days. It seemed prudent, so I took my clothes with me.

The three of us sat on Loren's bed with me in the middle. "What do you want to do first, Tito?" Gloria asked me.

"I want to lick both of your pekpeks and put my titi into both of you, but you can decide which one is first," I answered, using the Tagalog words for pussy and cock. My two nieces played paper-rock-scissors to decide. Gloria won and lay on her back on one side of the bed, while Loren moved over to the other side to watch us and wait her turn.

Gloria has lovely breasts, large, firm and light brown and culminating in big, dark brown nipples, which I knew from yesterday are very sensitive. Cupping one of the beauties in my hand, I kissed her cute face several times then starting kissing the erogenous areas on her throat. After the love-making session with Gloria the previous day, she knew where my mouth was heading and was thrusting her luscious globes out in anticipation.

She was right, of course, and when I started caressing her nearest nipple with my tongue, Gloria was already cooing from the pleasure. Both nipples were erect and felt really good so I spent several minutes, dividing my attentions between them. Already I could smell the delectable juices that Gloria's pussy was producing but I was having too much fun with her breasts to leave them just then.

It was even more fun for both of us when I drew one of the luscious globes into my mouth and started sucking on the firm flesh while continuing to lick the nipple and areola. The other beautiful twin had its turn and I looked down at Gloria's adorable pussy. Besides being wet from the juices that were trickling out, Gloria was humping into the air, anticipating my pleasuring tongue and whatever else we decided to do. My mouth was anticipating Gloria's pleasuring pussy, and I could tell that it was time to move to that delightful place. I kissed and sucked my way down her soft tan belly, through her sparse pubic hair, until I reached her mons. Rather than continuing farther, and eating her pussy in the 69 position, which was also a possibility, I got off the bed and got back on between Gloria's spread legs.

Loren knew what was happening, and expected me to be doing the same things with her in a little while and she helpfully handed me a pillow to put under her cousin's ass. "Do you want my finger in your puwet?" I asked Gloria.

"Not today, Tito. My puwet is still a little sore from yesterday. It was really fun and I want to do it some more but not today." I thought her ass might still be sore from fucking there for the first time. This was not a problem because she also has an adorable pussy and I knew my cock would find a very pleasant harbor there after my mouth was through giving pleasure to both of us.

Hopefully, that wouldn't be for a long time. The pleasure of eating Gloria's pussy, or Loren's, is so great that I would love to spend hours eating either one. As usual, I started by devouring all the delicious juices that Gloria had produced, and licking between an inner and outer pussy where they begin, below her pink love hole. The skin there is very soft, so it feels extra good on my tongue and very sensitive so Gloria really enjoyed the feel of my licking.

When my tongue reached the point where the two lips are close together, I started thrusting my tongue into the seam between them and enjoying the taste and texture of both lips. I caressed both sides of Gloria's outer lip with my tongue because I so much loved the feel of her smooth skin. Because she is only 18 years old, she has little pubic hair and what she has is soft and felt good, almost as good as the way her pussy felt, fucking into my face. After I passed the point where her inner lip joins the other inner lip, I continued licking both sides of the outer lip, all the way to her mons.

Gloria was already cooing happily and she interrupted herself to say "Tito, that feels so good. It's even better than it was yesterday." I was very glad to hear that, because the more pleasure I bring to a lovely woman like either of my cute nieces, the more I like it.

Because we were both enjoying it so much, I licked my way down the outer lip of Gloria's pussy and feasted on all the juices that had collected since I had last licked them off. Loren was, I knew, horny and getting a bit impatient for her turn, but I was having so much fun eating Gloria's pussy, and she was having so much fun too, that Loren would have to wait her turn.

However, she wanted to be more active so Loren asked her cousin, "Do you want to play 'boyfriend'?" When Gloria answered in the affirmative, Loren started squeezing one of her cousin's breasts and kissing her mouth.

I had just started licking the soft flesh between where Gloria's other pair of pussy lips starts, and, since I didn't really have to watch my tongue, I looked at what my nieces were doing. Loren turned to me and said, "This is a game we play when one of us sleeps over with the other. We call it 'boyfriend' because we do with each other what our boyfriends do." She laughed at what she thought I might consider their silliness. "We don't have titis though so we can't do everything."

I had erotic thoughts about what my cute nieces would look like fucking each other and I also thought how I might help them improve their game. "Instead of squeezing Gloria's breast, why don't you lick her there like I did earlier? That feels better to her and you'll like it too." After I made that suggestion, I resumed licking between Gloria's pussy lips as I had the first pair.

After a minute of licking between the lips, I glanced up again and saw that Loren had taken my suggestion and her tongue was caressing one of Gloria's nipples with broad strokes. Loren turned to me and said, "This is fun, Tito. She feels nice on my tongue." After saying that, she started licking the other nipple.

"It feels good to me, too," Gloria added. I'll do the same thing when Tito George is licking your pekpek." I didn't feel I had actually corrupted anybody; I had just showed my cute nieces a way to have more fun together. So they could have even more fun, I thought of a certain toy that I could bring with me the next time I came over.

That would be another day, though, and for now, I would concentrate on the pleasure we were all getting. I licked Gloria's second pair of pussy lips the same way I had licked the first and, after enjoying all the delicious juices that had been produced, I turned my attentions to her clit hood. From the way she was moaning and writhing on the bed, I knew she was getting closer to cumming. Although I wanted to delay it and increase her pleasure and mine, I knew I couldn't delay it indefinitely.

Using the lightest of touches, I caressed her clit hood, indirectly stimulating her most sensitive place. Gloria reacted by producing another gusher of juices and by fucking even harder into my face. Her moans were ending in sobs and whimpers and I knew she was almost ready to cum. To bring her even closer, I curled my tongue under the protective hood and lightly fondled the engorged love toy that was sheltering there. Even a light touch resulted in more juices and made Gloria's pussy ram into my face stronger than ever.

It wasn't only my tongue that was arousing Gloria. I heard her say, "That feels really good, Loren. Keep doing that," and when I looked up from her beautiful pussy I saw Loren still happily licking her cousin's nipples. Besides vocally encouraging her, Gloria was squirming around on the bed, presenting her breasts to Loren's mouth.

"Why don't you take one into your mouth like I did, and suck on it and see how you like that?" I was glad to see that Loren did as I suggested, and I hoped that Gloria would do the same thing when I was eating Loren's pussy.

Next, I probed my tongue into the lower edge of Gloria's precious love hole. When I inserted my tongue, I could feel and taste her delicious fresh pussy juices squirting out at me. There were more fresh juices as I probed my tongue into the sides of her wet hole, just before exploring under the inner surface of her inner pussy lips. When I transferred my attentions to these very sensitive spots on Gloria's pussy, her hips started swiveling under me, thrusting her legs out over my shoulder, while her pussy continued fucking into my face.

As my tongue moved back and forth across her adorable love hole, tasting the nectar that was bubbling up there, I saw and felt Gloria's thighs rotate outward. This presented her pussy even more fully to me and I knew she was completely ready to cum. I probed my tongue into the top edge the same pink orifice, indirectly stimulating her clit. Gloria was completely ready and trying hard to cum, while both Loren and I were arousing her even more.

Her adorable clit was so swollen it had almost pushed the hood out of the way and I drew the charming love toy into my mouth and started slowly sucking on it. With the hood completely clear, my lips formed a seal around the base and, while I sucked, my tongue caressed the top and sides of my niece's clit. For a few minutes I continued, with Gloria thrashing around on the bed until she cried something out in Tagalog and squeezed my head with her legs.

"She said she's cumming," Loren told me, unnecessarily, pausing from sucking on her cousin's breast.

I knew Gloria was cumming from the way her legs squeezed my head and swung back and forth, while her pussy continued to pound into my face. I really enjoy having a woman cum from my eating her pussy, especially when she is somebody as cute or as sweet as either of my nieces. As usual, I was holding onto Gloria's thighs, keeping my face buried in her pussy and keeping her clit in my mouth. Through all her gyrations, I clung to Gloria's legs, sucking and licking the precious love toy that was filling my mouth so pleasurably. When I glanced upward, I saw that Loren had one arm across her cousin's belly and was continuing to suck on her breast.

Gloria climaxed with a sudden jerk of her whole body. She slammed into me extra hard, seeming to be trying to wrap her pussy around my face, and then she relaxed completely. There was an ocean of incredibly delicious juices waiting for me and I feasted on them, licking the nectar from her pussy lips, crotch and thighs. I made sure to leave enough to lubricate the passage of my cock into her pussy.

That would be happening very soon but first I wanted to clean the juices off my face and put on a condom, so I got out from under Gloria's legs and left the bed. Loren was kneeling next to her cousin waiting for her turn and when I returned, she was dipping her finger into Gloria's pussy and tasting the juices.

"Gloria certainly tastes good. I can see why you like to lick her pekpek. Do I taste like her?"

"Both of you taste about the same. You both have delicious pekpeks and that is one reason why I like to lick you there but the main reason is that it is so much fun to do. Most American men like doing it and your boyfriends should try it. If they don't want to, they don't deserve to be your boyfriends."

By that time, Gloria had regained her strength and was ready for what was to happen next. "That was wonderful, Tito, she told me. It's still my turn, though, isn't it? I hope you're going to put your titi into my pekpek."

She was still lying on her back in the same place and, to answer her, I knelt between her legs again and opened her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand. Gloria smiled at my response and snuggled her head into her pillow, already enjoying the rest of her turn. Holding her lips open, I guided my cock with the other hand until the tip penetrated Gloria's pussy. She smiled again. "That feels good, Tito."

Even though there were plenty of lubricating juices, Gloria was tighter than I had expected so I stayed on my knees between her legs, guiding my cock with one hand, while I made a series of gentle thrusts into Gloria's pussy. At every stroke, my cock went into her a little farther and Gloria murmured happily. When half my cock was inside, I leaned forward, my weight supported on my hands and continued with the slow thrusts. She spread her legs a little wider and wrapped them around my hips and the small adjustment opened her up enough that, with a few more strokes, I was able to get my entire cock into her pussy. Gloria was already cooing her pleasure even before we actually started fucking.

I leaned forward a little more and curled my arms under hers so my weight was supported by my knees and forearms and Gloria would be able to freely move around under me. After kissing her gently on her lips, I slowly backed my cock out of Gloria's pussy, paused, and thrust it back in. She cooed from the pleasure of her pussy being spread open again and filled with my cock. "Tito, I love that," she murmured.

"I love it too, Gloria. Your pekpek is nice and tight and wet."

Her pussy stayed tight but got wetter as I stroked slowly in and out. After my cock had plunged into her a few times, Gloria started fucking back to meet me, matching my slow strokes. From the angle we were using, without much contact between my cock and her clit, I could stroke in and out like this for a long time, slowly bringing Gloria to a climax and giving both of us the most pleasure. Loren didn't want to be left out so she reached between us and fondled her cousin's breasts. So she could participate as fully as she wanted, I raised my upper body, supporting my weight on my hands, to allow Loren to get her head between me and Gloria. Noisily, she started licking and sucking on one of the luscious globes.

"Can I do that to you later when it's your turn?" Gloria asked her cousin, but she looked at me for the answer. Loren also looked at me for my response.

"If you both want to," I answered Gloria. "If it's fun for both of you, do it." We're all here to have some fun and I hope you learn something too."

Gloria was learning she liked my cock in her pussy just as much as she had liked it in her ass the previous day. Besides fucking back to meet me, she was rocking from side to side in time with our strokes, intensifying the pleasure were both having. Her whole body was active, with her legs wrapped around me and flexing as she fucked back and her head tossing from side to side on her pillow. Gloria's upper body was writhing on the bed also, as her cousin licked and sucked the breasts that were presented to her. She was moving around so much that Loren actually had to keep one arm across her belly to keep her in place while sucking and licking her breasts.

By that time, Gloria was moaning from pleasure but she interrupted herself to say "Oh, Tito, that is just wonderful. I really love it, and I love what you're doing, too, Loren. I can just feel the fun building up inside of me and I can tell I'm going to have a climax? like I did before." She looked at me, unsure if she had used the correct word.

I nodded my head. "That's good. You should always cum or have a climax when you do this."

Loren looked at me and said, smiling "This is really fun." She turned to her cousin and said "We'll have to do this when we play 'Boyfriend', Gloria." After that, she turned and took her cousin's breast back into her mouth and continued to have fun.

We were all having a lot of fun, including me. From what she had said and the way she was moaning and thrashing under me, I knew my cute niece was ready to cum. Without disturbing Loren, I moved forward on top of Gloria so my cock was driving into her pussy at a different angle. This pressed my cock strongly against the top of her wet love hole, giving her clit even more stimulation. My climax had also been building and I knew I would be cumming soon, but I wanted to delay it until after Gloria had enjoyed the best orgasm she could. I also started thrusting my cock into her faster, and she immediately started fucking back to meet me at the increased pace.

"Oooh! Oooh!" she moaned. "Tito, I know I'm going to cum."

A few minutes later, her prophecy was proven correct. Gloria grabbed the back of Loren's head and pressed her breast against her surprised cousin's face. Her legs squeezed my hips, slamming her pussy into me harder and faster than ever. My body was too heavy for her to swing from side to side as my head had been earlier so her hips swiveled under me, driving her legs out past me like pistons. Once again, Gloria climaxed with a sudden jerk of her whole body.

For the last few minutes, I had been holding back from cumming but there was no longer any need. After a few more strokes of my cock into my niece's pussy, I felt a great rush of pleasure; the muscles in my buttocks clenched and I climaxed, filling my condom with semen. Loren's head had been released when her cousin had finished cumming and she moved out of the way so I could sprawl on top of Gloria. We lay together, enjoying the closeness while I gathered my strength because I knew Loren was waiting.

When I climbed off Gloria, I moved back and got to my knees between her legs. As I did so, my nose passed close to her pussy and I could smell her delightful juices. I looked at them, glistening on her soft brown skin and trickling down her legs to soak into the bed. They were so beautiful and so fragrant and I knew they would be so delicious that I couldn't bear to see them go to waste. Gloria lay passively and satiated as I licked all the juices off her legs, belly and pussy. When I had devoured them all, I looked over at Loren, waiting patiently for me.

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