Monday, February 7, 2011

MWF's First Time Black at 45

This is the story of one of our close friends and how she joined the interracial swinging lifestyle.

Pam and John were high school sweethearts and got married when they were both juniors at the University of Alabama. That was a long time ago ☺ as they are both 45 years old but they both still look great, as they exercise regularly and try to watch what they eat. Pam has always been a knockout, long sexy legs, pear-shaped butt, 38DD natural, and platinum blonde hair. She is constantly being approached by other men which annoys her but lately has been turning John on. When he can get her in the mood, they will fantasize about another man joining them for a sexy 3-some. It's typically their wildest hottest sex with the fantasies. But Pam wants to keep it at that, fantasies.

John's biggest fantasy of late involves well hung black men. It all started when a new kid started interning at John's company. John works for a big office equipment company as a VP of Sales. The kid intern, Derek, was 19, and between his freshman and sophmore years at university. He was on the basketball team but not a starter so no scholarship money. Derek was a very easy-going kid, not arrogant or disrespectful. For a basketball player at a big university, he wasn't very tall, 6' 2", but he still towered over John's 5'8". John became a sort of mentor to Derek, and they started playing raquetball together after work at the local club. That's where John's fascination with black cock started. After one of their games, they got in the showers as usual then went to the locker room to dry off and get dressed. John always tried not to glance down at Derek's cock for fear of being caught. But on this occasion, Derek got a phone call while he was still dripping wet and naked. While Derek was talking with his girlfriend, John took the chance to look down. Derek's cock was huge, easily 11" just hanging flaccid, and thick as a beer can, so black, John thought it was beautiful and he thought about it being stuffed into his wife Pam. This was almost too exciting for him so he quickly got dressed then yelled good-bye to Derek and drove home.

On his way home, he kept thinking about that big black cock and his wife Pam. He knew she would never go for a 3some, let alone with a black guy and only 19 years old at that. But the thought of them being together even if just platonically, really turned him on. He thought about Pam suntanning herself by the pool while Derek watched. Then he got a great idea.

The next day John asked Derek if he would have any interest in making some extra cash by cutting his lawn and cleaning the pool. John was headed out of town for a business meeting and wouldn't be able to do it this weekend. Derek readily agreed, and John gave him the keys to the garage so Derek could show up whenever he wanted and grab the mower and pool tools. John suggested to Derek to not start working before noon because the neighbors might complain of the noise too early on the weekend. What John really wanted was for Pam to go out to the pool before Derek arrived, so he was sure to see his beautiful wife sunbathing.

That night John planted another seed to his plan. He confessed to Pam that he had looked at Derek's cock in the locker room. He described how big it was to Pam. She played like she was upset with John but he could smell her juices flowing, so he kept describing how big Derek's black cock was, and how Derek would fondle it while talking to his girlfriend, and how at 19 years old, Derek could probably have 7 or 8 orgasms a night. Pam kept saying she wasn't listening, then suddenly, she threw her arms around John and gave him a deep passionate French kiss. They ripped each others' clothes off and started fucking right on the living room floor. John kept talking about Derek's big black cock, and Pam just moaned as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Friday night came, and John left for the airport. He kissed Pam good-bye and mentioned how nice the weather was going to be this weekend. Pam said she knew and was excited to see sun again after a long winter. She mentioned she might sunbathe by the pool on Saturday. John joked and asked her how many tan lines would he see when he returned, two or one? Pam played along and said, "maybe none". That got an instant rise out of John. Pam was shocked. "Wow, that really got you going, thinking of me sunbathing in the nude. It's not that sexy, no one can see me with our 9 foot fence all around."

John replied, "oh it's very sexy, believe me." John was thinking about the possibility of Derek seeing his lovely blonde wife totally nude sunbathing. He thought that he should tell Pam that Derek was coming over tomorrow but then she would definitely not sunbathe with or without a suit. So, he kept quiet about it. Kissed her goodbye and left for the airport.

Pam woke the next morning to a beautiful sunny day. She showered, put on her string bikini and took the mp3 player out to the pool. She was listening to ABBA and other 80's hits. With the plugs in her ears, she couldn't hear anything really other than the music. She could feel the soothing heat from the sun. It felt so good. She was laying on her stomach and decided to remove her top. Then she decided, "what the heck" and removed her bikini bottom also and flung them up to the sliding doors so as not to forget them when going back inside.

After about 45 minutes, Pam fell fast asleep.

Derek arrived about 12:30, and went straight to the garage to get the mower and pool tools. He was going to mow the grass first but decided to do the pool first since it was so hot at the moment. When he entered the pool area, he didn't see Pam at first then he saw her, and jumped back from the shock of seeing her bare white bottom. He looked away, and said, "I'm sorry Mrs. Kennigan, I didn't realize you were home."

Derek didn't hear a response, then he realized she was sleeping. So, he decided to have a good look. She had a beautiful body. Derek began stroking his black cock and it grew rapidly. He pulled it out of his shorts and stood behind Pam so that if she woke up, he could quickly turn around and put his cock back in his shorts. He stroked his cock more vigorously, staring at her beautiful pear shaped white bottom. His shorts eventually slipped down to his ankles. He closed his eyes as he stroked his cock, and every once in a while looking back down to Pam's beautiful white ass.

Suddenly he heard, "Derek! What are you doing here?!"

Derek quickly turned as he had rehearsed it in his mind, and tried to run but his shorts tripped him. As he staggered to regain his balance, his powerful legs ripped his shorts into two pieces, and he fell like a rock onto the pavement surrounding the pool.

Pam was looking over her shoulder at Derek, trying to conceal as much of her naked body as possible until Derek fell, then she became concerned. "Derek, are you okay?"

Derek was lying face down with his black ass fully exposed to Pam's view. "Yea, I'm okay. I am so sorry Mrs. Kennigan. Please don't tell Mr. Kennigan. I don't know why I did that. John asked me to come and cut the grass, and then I saw you. I called to you but you didn't respond and then I just got stupid, I guess." Derek said.

"It's okay, Derek. I understand how horny young guys can get. The main thing is that you're okay," Pam couldn't keep her eyes off of his black muscled ass. She felt her nipples harden with her excitement of seeing such a powerful male.

"And don't worry I'm not going to tell my husband. He should have told me you were coming. Are you hurt anywhere?" Pam asked, as she wrapped her towel around her.

"No, I'm fine. Just a little embarrassed." Derek said. He turned over and sat up. His huge black cock was still semi-erect.

The size of Derek's cock didn't go unnoticed by Pam. She couldn't help but notice Derek's huge black cock laying across on of his legs. It was bigger than what John had described. It was beautiful.

Derek saw Pam looking at his cock so he grabbed a piece of his ripped short and covered himself as best he could with it.

"Looks like it doesn't quite cover everything." Pam giggled.

Derek blushed then looked at Pam's tiny towel, more like a hand towel, that exposed Pam slightly between the legs. "Looks like I can say the same for your wrap." Derek said.

This time it was Pam's turn to blush. "I guess you're right. I need to go inside and get something on. I think a pair of John's cut-off sweats should fit you okay. I'll bring those too."

"Okay." Derek said.

Pam didn't stand up. Instead she asked Derek a question. "So, what were you planning on doing exactly, while you were standing behind me while I was sleeping? I mean should I be calling the cops?" Pam teased.

"No, I was just stroking it looking at your beautiful ass. I didn't even realize what I was doing. I was out-of-my-mind I guess. I guess I was just going to jack off, then get on with my work." Derek said.

Suddenly, Pam lay back down on the chaise lounge, removed her tiny towel exposing her butt to Derek once again. "Okay, finish what you started. Jack-off while I lay here." Pam said.

Derek didn't have to be told twice. He stood up and started pulling on his huge cock while looking at Pam. He closed his eyes, then he felt Pam's hand join his, as she began stroking his cock. Not a word was said between the two, just moaning and sounds of pleasure. Pam positioned herself on all fours and guided Derek's cock into her pussy. He slowly began entering her. He could not believe this was all happening.

Derek thrust into her and Pam let out a scream of extreme pleasure. Derek pumped her until her whole body began shaking in orgasm after orgasm. Pam had never felt so incredibly satisfied sexually before. She knew this was the start of something special. I guess her husband was going to get what he wanted after all. She could not pretend not to fully enjoy the experience of her first interracial encounter. The feel of his muscular black body, his strong powerful thighs, the contrast of their skins together, and his magnificent humungous black cock. Black men just seem to be made for fucking, she thought.

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